West End Community Church | 2019


Summer Staff Welcome Campers On First Day!

Staff members welcomed campers this morning as they rubbed their sleepy eyes and walked off the bus at eight this morning. It’s day one of camp here at West End Community Church, and we are all ready to get this week started! Campers checked in at registration with our administration interns, Kat and Chloe. Once they obtained their name tags, they went to find their republics in the gym so that they could meet their new friends for the week.


Republic leaders greeted their campers as they walked into the gym and settled their campers down with some name games. Once the first day jitters started to ease up, all camp meeting started and we heard the rules of camp from one of our day camp directors, Mabel Davis. Then, we met some friends of ours named Margo and Marcus, who were part of a skit performed for the campers. Their task for the week is the find the berry bushes to make a pie for their mother, but to stay on the path and not get side tracked by the mean wolf.

Our theme this year is called walktHISway, which means to follow Christ and his direction. The theme verse is Ephesians 5:1-2a, which tells us to follow God’s example and walk in the way of love, like Christ did for us. All throughout this week, campers will learn what it means to follow the way of Jesus and to love others like Jesus loves us.


We cannot wait to see how God uses our theme this week to teach these kids how to love one another and follow Jesus!




Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff


Campers Are Excited For A Terrific Tuesday!

Welcome to this terrific Tuesday! We are so glad to be back here for our second day of day camp at WECC. Campers were excited to come back to camp today as they came off the buses and walked into the doors of the church. They checked in and got their name tag before heading to their republics to chat before all camp meeting.


Today during all camp meeting, we had our skit, sang some worship songs and danced, and then we heard from a speaker, who spoke more on our theme. The prime way to follow God’s example is to love one another, and he explained how we can practice this throughout the week. 

Once all camp meeting wrapped up, campers were off to family devotional time, where they meet with their republics to go over the devotional of the day and learn more about Jesus. This also gives them time to connect with one another through Jesus. 


Campers also participated in specialties, which gives them the chance to try something they have never tried before. From archery to songwriting, there are quite a few options for campers to partake in!


Tomorrow is picture day and we are so excited to take republic photos, see you then!




Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff


What A Wonderful Wednesday!!

Staff members jumped for joy this morning and chanted as campers skipped off the buses this morning and into the doors of the church. Campers went into the gym and participated in camp dances, such as the wobble or church clap. Once the dancing wrapped up, we took that energy into worship with our friends. We even sang a new worship song that one of the musicians wrote about having the faith of a mustard seed!



Then we heard from our pastor friend preached to campers about of Romans 3:23, which tells us that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god. He talked about the concept of forgiveness and why we forgive others, which is because Jesus forgave us before we were ever sorry. Campers were encouraged to forgive people in their life and follow God’s example.

Republic photos were taken during lunch today. Campers also received their camper shirts and are encouraged to wear them on Friday for youth production! They will also be able to pick up their pictures on Friday.


After lunch is team building, a time where campers work together as a republic on various activities and tasks. Some of these include obstacle courses or exercises to get them out of their comfort zone. This is important because it helps to eliminate any barriers that might be in the way for campers to connect with one another and diversify their friend group.


Tomorrow is Iron Man, and we look forward to a friendly, team building competition between republics!




Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff



This unique friendship between Michael and Emoni started upon arrival at the first day of camp. When the two arrived at registration, there seemed to be a mix up and their names were not found to be in any republic. Since the two were not in a republic, they didn’t have a place to go, so they hung out with one of our registration interns, Kat.


They clicked immediately and as all the other campers were doing activities, they were playing games with Kat and wandering around the church as our other registration intern, Chloe, worked to resolve the mix up. The two started to talk like old friends and they laughed and joked with one another.


Eventually Chloe worked out the situation and placed the two into republics. But when it was time for Michael and Emoni to go to their own republics, they started to cry because they didn’t want to leave each other. The two had so much fun that they didn’t want to go to different republics. But despite being separated for the rest of the week, the two had a strong friendship that only strengthened for the remainder of the week.

Michael (left), and Emoni (right).