The Church at Lockeland Springs | July 16-20

Monday, July 16th

“G-O-O-D  M-O-R-N-I-N-G…Good Morning, Hey Hey Good Morning!” It’s Day One here at The Church at Lakeland Springs in East Nashville. We are so excited to be here this week at a new location and we are looking forward to seeing what God does this last week of Day Camp here in Nashville!

Today started when all campers checked into registration, got their name tags, and found out what Republics they were in. Republics are groups that campers are put into for the entire week. Campers got to know their Republic leaders and meet new friends this morning right before All Camp Meeting.

All Camp Meeting is where the entire camp meets for worship and listens to a speaker. This week’s speaker is Pastor Jacob, who talked about God’s creation this morning. After listening to Pastor Jacob, campers went with their Republics to their rooms to further discuss the message. Once they finished talking, they came up with a name for their Republics and designed a flag together.

Republics then came back into the sanctuary where we met for All Camp Meeting, marching in with their flag and a chant that they made up themselves. Once everyone came back in, we then dismissed for specialties.  Specialities are classes that campers get to participate in throughout the week and learn new things. Campers K-2nd grade transition through specialities, while 3-7th grade get to pick their own specialities. These happen twice a day, once after devotional and once after team building.

This week is off to a great start and we can’t wait to see what God blesses us with! Come back tomorrow to see what else is happening.

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Tuesday, July 17th

Hey there and happy Day Two of Day Camp! We kicked today off by watching a recap video from yesterday. Following the video, we had a visit from our friends Gus and Gigi and then worshipped with Amanda. We also heard from Pastor Jacob again, and then dismissed to our family devotion time. Today in family devotional time we started storying, which is when Republic leaders tell a story from the bible in a very descriptive and interactive manner.

Once we finished family devotional time,  campers went to their first specialty, lunch, and then team building. Team building is where campers participate in activities with their Republics to try and bond as a group. Some of these activities include an obstacle course, diversity dots, slime challenge, hula ball, and more. Campers really learn about working as a team and have the opportunity to widen their horizons and talk to someone they wouldn’t normally talk to.

After team building is free time, which is where campers have the opportunity to choose to participate in a variety of activities. Some of these activities include water slide, football, basketball, nap time, and more.

It’s been a fantastic week so far! Tomorrow is picture day for the ladies, so don’t forget to come back tomorrow to hear about that!

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Wednesday, July 18th

Hello and happy Wednesday! It’s Day Three of Day Camp, can you believe it?! Time has flown by so fast. But we are looking forward to making the rest of this week the best one yet!

Today started with All Camp Meeting where we watched a recap video, met up with Gigi and Gus again, worshipped with Amanda, and heard from Pastor Jacob. Republics then went to their rooms to have family devotional time and continue day two of storying. After family time, we went to our first specialty of the day. By now, you are probably familiar with specialties and what they are. But if you still do not know what they are, a few examples of specialties are archery, making of the band, art, spoken word, dance, football, basketball, and more!

Today is picture day for the ladies! This is where campers will take a group photo with their Republic and individual headshots. Campers also got their camp T-shirts to wear during the picture, and are encouraged to wear them on the last day of camp.

That’s all for today! Tomorrow is Iron Man, and we cannot wait to tell you what goes on then!

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Thursday, July 19th

Happy Day Four! It’s Thursday already and we have two days left of Day Camp here in Nashville. It’s wild to think about how fast time has been flying by, but we are grateful for the last two days we have here. 

As mentioned yesterday, today is Iron Man. You might be wondering what that is. Well, Iron Man operates like a relay race, but with a Barefoot twist. Each Republic is a team and they all work together to win. Every camper in the Republic is assigned a station to complete, and as the Republic goes through each obstacle, they pick up one another as they go. Some obstacles that campers go through includes thumb print, marble fishing, cup slingshot, javelin toss, extreme sports, and more. They are scored based on teamwork, hypeness, and encouragement. The first female Republic and male Republic to finish the last obstacle wins!

We’ll announce the winners tomorrow. But for now, that’s all we have for today! We’ll see you back here tomorrow for the last time, and hopefully for Youth Production

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Friday, July 20th

Good morning and happy Day Five! It’s our last day of day camp here this summer. We are so sad that time has escaped from us so quickly, but we are glad that everyone had a fantastic summer!

Before we get started, it’s time to announce the winners of Iron Man. For the fellas, we have Republic Five with a record score of 199 points. And for the ladies, we have Republic One. Congratulations to our winners and to everyone who gave their all! We are so happy that you were here to participate in the last Iron Man of 2018.

To start the day off, we held our last All Camp Meeting today and then met with our Republics for one last family devotional. Once that was wrapped up, campers went on to their specialties for the last time and practiced for Youth Production. This made it the perfect opportunity to tie up any loose ends they might have before Youth Production. After free time today, campers will have some time to rehearse for the production before parents arrive.

This is the time of the week where we say goodbye to all of our friends. Thank you to all the campers who came this week and made it fantastic! We hope you had an amazing time and made a lot of friends. We also hope to see you back here next year for even more fun. But most importantly, we hope that you learned that everyone is longed for in this world by Jesus. 

This has been a fantastic summer for all of us here at Barefoot Republic. We as a staff have all grown together as brothers and sisters in Christ and have truly been touched this summer. I know that I personally have been touched by Barefoot’s mission and I know many other staff have as well. 

Thank you for lending us your kids this summer and for making it the best Barefoot summer. 

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Have a great summer,