Christ Church | June 18 – 22


Monday, June 18th

Good Morning! It’s our first day of camp here at Christ Church Nashville and we are happy to be here. We started the day off with All Camp Meeting, where campers met our Camp Director, Mrs. Cali. They also met their Republic leaders and fellow campers.

After All Camp Meeting, we transitioned into devotional with our Republics. This is a time where kids have the opportunity to hear a story from the Bible and discuss it with their Republics. They also discussed what to name their Republic for the week, like the Blue Dolphins (shoutout)! 

Once they finished their devotional time, campers went to their first specialty of the day! Specialties are classes that campers get to participate in throughout the week and learn new things. Campers K-2nd grade transition through specialties, while 3-7th grade gets to pick their own specialties. These happen twice a day, once after devotional and once after team building. 

Team building happens after lunch, where campers participate in activities with their Republics to try and bond as a group. Some of these activities include an obstacle course, diversity dots, slime challenge, hula ball, and more. Campers really learn about working as a team and have the opportunity to make new friends.

That’s a wrap for today! We’ll be back tomorrow with more fun.

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Tuesday, June 19th

Happy Tuesday! It’s day two at Christ Church Nashville and we’re so excited to be here. 

Today started off with All Camp Meeting, where we participated in worship and watched a video recap from yesterday. We also heard from Pastor Tod, who talked about Jesus telling Peter to cast his net into the ocean when he hadn’t caught anything all day. He told the campers that they don’t have to be afraid this week, because Jesus will be with them.

They then transitioned to devotion time where they talked more in detail about what Pastor Tod had to say. Once they finished devotion time, they went to their first specialty of the day. One fan favorite is pony rides, where campers have the opportunity to ride a real-life pony!

After going to specialties, campers went with their Republics to team building. Today three Republics went to water relay, where they ran to the other side of a field to grab a sponge from a bucket, do under over with their Republics, and then run it back to the bucket. This activity was a hit with the campers!

Right after specialty two, campers then had the option to do what they wanted during free time, such as go down the water slide, play soccer, football, or just relax. 

This week is looking great so far! We’re looking forward to seeing what tomorrow has for us!

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Wednesday, June 20th

It’s Wednesday! Can you believe it?! Time has really escaped us, but we are so happy that the week has gone so smoothly.

This morning at All Camp Meeting, we danced to some of our favorite songs, such as The Wobble. After dancing, we worshiped and then met up with our friends, Gigi and Gus. Gigi and Gus are friends of ours who have been visiting us during All Camp Meeting. We also heard from Pastor Tod again and heard another story from the Bible about Jesus walking on water. 

After devotionals, we went to our specialities. Some specialities, like Making of the Band, have been practicing all week for Youth Production on Friday. This is when they will showcase the skills they’ve learned this week to their friends and family. We are looking forward to seeing all of y’all come out for Youth Production!

For Republics 1-4, today was picture day. These campers received their T-shirts today, which they will wear again on Friday. They also each had a headshot taken. Tomorrow is picture day for Republics 5-9. Parents can pick these up this Friday before Youth Production. 

Everyone here is looking forward to tomorrow because tomorrow, Iron Man happens. You may be asking, what is Iron Man? Well come back tomorrow to find out! 

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See you then,



Thursday, June 21st

Day four is upon us and we can’t believe it! But today is an exciting day for us, because today is Iron Man. 

Iron Man is essentially like a relay race, but with a Barefoot twist. Each Republic is a team and they all work together to win. Every camper in the Republic is assigned a station to complete, and as the Republic goes through each obstacle, they pick up one another as they go. The first female Republic and male Republic to finish the last obstacle wins! 

Campers really get into the spirit of Iron Man by painting their faces! It really shows off their pride for their Republic. Some obstacles that campers go through includes thumb print, marble fishing, cup slingshot, javelin toss, extreme sports, and more. 

The first ones to finish Iron Man were Republic Five and Republic One. But our winners were Republics Two for the ladies and Republics Eight for the fellas. We’re so happy that they were the first winners of Iron Man 2018!

That’s all we have for today! We’r so excited for Youth Production for tomorrow and we cannot wait to see you there!

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Friday, June 22nd

“G-O-O-D  M-O-R-N-I-N-G…Good Morning, Hey Hey Good Morning!” It’s Friday folks and Youth Production is tonight! Can you believe it?! We’re sad that camp has been flying by as fast as it has, but we are excited to see what the campers have prepared for Youth Production tonight!

In All Camp Meeting today, we held our last worship session together, met up with Gigi and Gus for the last time, and heard a final word from Pastor Tod, which was very insightful. Pastor Tod discussed the consequences of sin and how Jesus payed the price for us when he rose from the dead. He explained how much he loves us and wants to be in our lives for eternity. After hearing this, each Republic went back to their rooms to discuss this further.

Campers went to their specialities for the last time today to tie up any loose ends that they might have in their performance before Youth Production. After free time, they’ll hold rehearsal for Youth Production right before parents start to roll in. Some performances that we are looking forward to are Making of the Band, Vocal Performance, Drama, STOMP, Spoken Word, and more.

Thank you to all the campers who came this week and to their parents for letting them spend the week with us! We had a fantastic week with all of you and we hope to see you back here next summer. 

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Have a great rest of your summer,