Barefoot at the Farm 1 | June 4 – 8


Monday, June 4th

Good Morning and happy first day of Day Camp 2018 at the farm! This morning, the buses came rolling in while staff chanted “G-O-O-D  M-O-R-N-I-N-G…Good Morning, Hey Hey Good Morning!”. Once campers had arrived, they checked in with our amazing Administration Intern, Kheysha and then went to meet their fantastic Republic Leaders in their tents located in the Magical Forest.

Campers met some new friends in their republics and then they all formed a line to go up to the loft and gather for all camp meeting. At all-camp meeting, the campers participated in worship, watched a skit, and listened to Pastor Steve talk about this year’s theme, To Belonged For. 

Once they heard what Pastor Steve had to say, campers were dismissed to their first specialty of the day. One of our newest specialties this year is Cupcake Decorating, where campers get to learn how to decorate their very own cupcake. “This is the best specialty ever!” exclaimed both Ethan Gregson and Annie Cochran.

After campers finished participating in their first specialty of the day, they then transitioned over to Outdoor Adventure. One of our most popular Outdoor Adventure classes is horseback riding, where campers have the ability to ride through an obstacle course with their horses. Overall, Day Camp 2018 is off to a great start and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store!

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Tuesday, June 5th

Hello to all! Today is the second day of Day Camp 2018 at the Farm, and we are off to a fantastic start. The eclectic energy from the campers was especially present during all camp meeting when the famous banana chant broke out for the first time this week. You could even hear it from horseback riding! They also learned the theme chant today called “To Be Longed For” and really got into it as well.

Once all-camp meeting concluded, campers were dismissed to their first specialty of the day. One of our most popular specialties is Archery, where campers learn how to shoot an arrow at various targets. Someone of these targets are a fake turkey, armadillo, bear, and fish. Campers really get a kick out of shooting at these whimsical targets! 

Before heading to Outdoor Adventure, campers took a quick break to grab a popsicle and beat the heat. These popsicles are a huge lifesaver to campers and counselors alike, especially when it’s scorching hot outside. 

After lunch, we started our first storying of the week, where campers gather with their Republics to hear a story from the Bible. Today’s story was about Jesus telling Peter to fish for men instead of just fish. Campers learned from this story to share Jesus with everyone they come across. 

We can’t believe that tomorrow is Wednesday! Camp is flying by fast so far and we are excited to see what tomorrow brings!

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Wednesday, June 6th

What a wonderful day it is to be at Barefoot today! We can hardly believe that the first week of camp is halfway over. It’s plain to see that the campers are truly enjoying themselves and really getting into the rhythm of camp. 

This rhythm was especially obvious when Republics 7 and 14 broke out into a very heated chanting war. But the question is, did the Ladies or the Fellas win? Now that question is up for debate. 

One thing is for sure though, the campers definitely have a lot of energy this week. This energy is prominently displayed in many of their activities throughout the day, but especially when it comes time for worship in All Camp meeting. Campers really got into Amy Grant and Daves Highway singing “I’ve Got The Joy”.

After hearing a lesson from Pastor Steve, we dismissed for specialties. One of our camper favorites is Tree Climbing, where campers are given harnesses and belayed up into the trees by an instructor. The campers go searching for toys and also have the option to chill out in a hammock up in the branches. 

Speaking of hammocks, we also have hammock hike as an Outdoor Adventure option! This is very popular among campers as well. Campers go with a group to hike past the cabins and up toward some hammocks to hang out with their friends and counselors. It’s quite the adventure!

For lunch today, we had Chick-Fil-A, which made campers and staff very happy. We’re glad that campers are getting into the swing of things and we cannot wait to see what Thursday has for us!

You can find more pictures from this week at camp on our Facebook page.

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Thursday, June 7th

Happy Thursday! Can you believe that it’s Day Four of Day Camp at the Farm I 2018? The days have been flying by so fast!

We had a lot of fun at All Camp Meeting watching Gigi and Gus try to get their soccer ball back from Old Lady May in today’s skit. A few campers even went up to the stage to try and help Gigi and Gus build a tunnel, they even ran into a few bugs in the process. 

Today we had picture day, where campers took their picture with their entire republic! During this time, they also got their camp t-shirts to wear in the photo. Campers are encouraged to wear their t-shirts tomorrow as well. 

While waiting to take her picture with Republic Two, Jennifer Santos exclaimed how much she loved to be at Barefoot. “This is my first year and I love Barefoot,” said Santos. She also expressed how much she loves the waterslide, riding on the golf carts, horseback riding, and playing Duck Duck Goose with the friends she made. 

During Outdoor Adventure, Safari Steve came today to show off some of his animals, including a vulture, snake, tarantula, and more. The campers really got a kick out of seeing these wild animals! 

Tomorrow is the last day of camp. We’re sad that the week has gone by so quickly, but excited to see what the last day brings us.

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Let’s make tomorrow a good one!



Friday, June 8th

Hey there and happy Friday! Today is the last day of camp, can you believe it?! The first week of camp is over and we’re sad to see it fly by so fast, but can’t wait to see what the last day has for us!

Today is Youth Production and the campers can’t wait to show off what they learned in their Specialities this week to their parents! They’ve learned a lot of things this week and are ecstatic to go up and display what they’ve learned. 

Some things we’re looking forward to see during Youth Production are the horse show, vocal performance, dance, and more! We can’t wait for the parents to get here so we can start the show. 

As the week comes to a close, we want to say thank you to all the campers who came this week and made it a fantastic first week of camp. It was a pleasure to have you come here and we look forward to seeing you next summer at the farm!

That’s a wrap for today! I will be back next week for Farm II, can’t wait!

You can find more pictures from this week at camp on our Facebook page.

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