Barefoot at The Church at Lockeland Springs | 2019


Barefoot Staff Welcomes Campers To Lockeland Springs!!

Good morning and welcome to the first day of day camp at The Church at Lockeland Springs! Campers arrived this morning and ran in to escape the rain. Once they were inside, they could hear the chants from staff members as they welcomed the campers to camp. They were directed towards registration, where they got their name tags and Republic assignments.


Campers were then directed to All Camp Meeting in the sanctuary, where they met their fellow Republic members and Republic leaders. One of our Day Camp Directors, Mabel, introduced herself and explained the rules of camp, Then everyone participated in worship and heard a message from Ms.Kat based on our theme. 


Our theme this year is walk tHIS way, with our theme verse being Ephesians 5:1-2a, which says “Therefore be imitators of God, as believed children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us…” Campers even learned a chant to go along with the theme!

After All Camp Meeting, Republics went to their rooms for family devotional so that they could hear a story and discuss what they heard in All Camp Meeting. Then we went to specialty one, where campers had the opportunity to participate in activities that they may not have tried before, such as extreme sports. Younger campers from kindergarten to second grade are assigned different specialties every day, while older campers get to pick theirs.


The first day of camp has gotten off to a great start! The rain has cleared for the day, and the sun is now shining. We are so excited for the week and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff

Staff Spotlight

Leslie Ramos Lopez

Age: 20

Camp Nickname: Luigi


How many years have you come to Barefoot?

2 years.


How do you like it?

I love it, that’s why I came back!


Why did you come to work at Barefoot?

I love working with kids and I would help teach younger kids at my church. Two of the elders of my church came up to me and asked me if I wanted to work at Barefoot. I said sure, because I was going to work at camp anyways.


What does diversity mean to you?

Nobody is the same as the other person. No matter how you look at it, you’re different.


What would you say to someone considering working at Barefoot?

If you want to work at Barefoot, you should because it’s an awesome camp. You get to work with kids and learn a lot of things, even if you think that you don’t have anything to learn.


Campers And Staff Dance The Day Away!

Staff members welcomed campers this morning as they checked into registration with the chant of “G-O-O-D M-O-R-N-I-N-G, GOOD MORNING, HEY HEY GOOD MORNING!” Once they grabbed their name tags, campers were directed to their Republics in the sanctuary.



All Camp Meeting this morning started with campers and staff dancing to “The Wobble”, which is a well known camp dance. Then we had a visit from our friends, Margo and Marcus, along with the wolf. They performed a skit for the campers and then played a game where campers had a hula hooping competition.



After the skit, we worshiped with our friend Amanda and heard again from our friend Ms.Kat. She told us to treat others the way that we want to be treated and to love one another. After hearing the message, Republics went to their rooms for family devotional to hear a story and discuss further what they heard in All Camp Meeting. 

Once devotionals were wrapped up, we went to specialties, followed by lunch, which was catered by Hunt Brother’s Pizza. After lunch, Republics went to team building, which is a time of the day where campers can bond with their fellow peers in various activities. 


Each day Republics are assigned to a team building activity, such as diversity dots, where campers have a sticker put on their head by their leaders and are told to organize themselves into groups. This activity teaches the campers to look past the boundaries of race and that the body of Christ serves as one unit. 


It’s been a great second day of day camp, and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff

Camper Interview

Vaniya Reid

Age: 9

Favorite Chant: The Wobble


How many years have you come to Barefoot?

Two years.


What is your favorite activity?

Gaga ball.


What is your favorite thing about Barefoot?

That I get to meet new friends.


Have you made any friends so far?



Camp Is Halfway Through!

Happy Wednesday! Campers went to the sanctuary to meet their Republics after checking in at the front. Music was playing as they walked in and campers could be seen dancing all around. Some even held hands or linked arms with their fellow peers. Spirits all around were raised when Ms.Amanda started to conduct worship.


After worship we had a skit, followed by our speaker Ms.Kat. Then we went to family devotionals, followed by our first specialty of the day and then lunch. For lunch today we had nachos!

Followed by lunch was team building, which we used today to prepare for Iron Man tomorrow! Iron Man builds off of team building, but goes a step further by turning it into an obstacle course. Tomorrow is also picture day, where campers will take their Republic photos!


We can hardly believe that we are halfway through the week! It’s so amazing to see all that God has done though the campers and staff this week, and we cannot wait to see what else he has for these last two days!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff

Camper Interview

Zander Culpepper

Age: 11

Favorite Chant: Good Morning chant


How many years have you come to Barefoot?

This is my first year.


How do you like it?

Pretty good because it’s fun here and I get to meet new friends.


What is your favorite activity?

Archery because I haven’t done it before camp.


What is your favorite thing about Barefoot?

That we get to meet new people and praise God at the same time.


What have you learned about Jesus this week?

Even if you sin he’ll still forgive you and you should be grateful to him for what you have because he can take it all away.


Two Words: IRON MAN!!

It’s day four of camp here in East Nashville, and we are so excited! Campers came in this morning eager to get the ball rolling. We started out All Camp Meeting with a skit, followed by worship with Amanda. She sang a song titled “Te Amo,” which is very popular among campers and staff. The chant of “Te Amo! Te Amo!” could be heard down the halls of the church.


Ms.Kat spoke once Amanda was done with worship. Today she talked about the concept of sin and how Jesus saves us from our sins. She provided a nice visual aide for the campers to demonstrate this. First, she wrote on ping pong balls examples of sin, such as lying or cheating. Then she put these ping pong balls into an empty vase, and filled it up with water. “Notice,” she says, “how the balls float up to the top? That’s what happens to our sin when we accept Jesus into our lives.”

Today campers got to participate in Iron Man! Iron Man is a competition where Republics work together to complete an obstacle course. Except the difference between this competition and a typical one is that in order to win Iron Man, you must have the most team work our of everyone else! One boy Republic and one girl Republic will be chosen as the winners.


We also have picture day today. Campers took photos with their Republics and their parents will have the chance to pick up a copy of their photo tomorrow at Youth Production. They also received their camp t-shirts, which they are encouraged to wear tomorrow on the last day of camp.


Tomorrow is our last day here in East Nashville, but we are looking forward to tomorrow because it’s Youth Production! If you are a parent, we are looking forward to seeing you there and letting you see what your kids learned this week at Barefoot.



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff


Last Day Means Youth Production!

How is it Friday already?! This week has flown by so fast and we are so grateful that we have met so many amazing campers this week. All week, the campers have been learning about Jesus and how to #walktHISway ! The love of Jesus has been oh so present this week and we are blessed to share him with the campers. This week, we had multiple campers give their life to Christ. Our hearts are filled with so much joy!


The day progressed as usual today with staff greeting the campers and leading them to the sanctuary for All Camp Meeting. Everyone participated in worship, then watched a skit, and heard from Ms.Kat. Family devotional was followed by specialty one, lunch, specialty two, then free time. Once free time wrapped up, it was time for campers to prepare for Youth Production!

Parents started arriving for Youth Production and were greeted by our staff. They were directed to the sanctuary, where Amanda kicked off Youth Production with a few of our favorite worship songs of the week, such as This Is Living or Te Amo.


We handed out our yearly awards after worship, which we give out to people who have attended Barefoot for three or five years. Then we handed out our weekly awards, which are the biggest awards that a camper can receive at camp. Then we started Youth Production!


Thank you so much for sending your kids to Barefoot this week! We are so glad that you decided to #gobarefoot this summer! We hope your kids had fun this week, and we hope to see you next year.



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff