Do you need an internship to fulfill your college degree requirements? Do you want an opportunity to grow and gain valuable experience in a unique and fun internship environment? What if you could do this while making a significant impact on our community, and the future generation of youth? If this sounds ideal to you… then join us at Barefoot Republic!

We have many opportunities to suit a variety of career paths, talents, and interests, both during camp season and during the year.




Audio Engineering/Music Production


  • During camp — Loading in and assisting all praise bands with their needs; mixing/running sound for our praise & worship and other large group gatherings
  • During camp – assist or lead the teaching of our “Music production” and “making of the band” classes in our fully equipped studio
  • Oversee and maintain our recording studio, ensuring gear is cared for, up to date, functioning, etc.
  • Assist other creative arts interns/ volunteers in the creation of camp videos, songs, compilation albums, etc. as needed


Business Management/Development


  • Managing, recruiting and/or training volunteers
  • Developing a staff training manual
  • Researching, writing and/or submitting grants
  • Generating a revenue model and growth strategy for a corporate retreat center
  • Producing renderings, floor plans and/or cost estimates on future buildings and other facets of our development




  • Developing a marketing plan with an emphasis on reaching middle to upper income demographics
  • Developing a fundraising plan and event based upon an analysis of current community trends and competition
  • Developing a strategic business plan permitting others to replicate our camp model on an international level
  • Analyzing our camp’s economic impact on a rural community
  • Producing a cost analysis and comparison between summer camping programs across the U.S.


Mass Communication and Creative/Visual Arts


  • During camp- daily creation of slideshows, videos, etc.
  • During camp – Capture and document “stories”, post video and web blogs, update camp web site, facebook, etc. as camp progresses
  • Producing, editing and/or directing a camp promotional video
  • Designing, enhancing, and maintaining two Barefoot websites
  • Aid in the creation and/or updating of camp promotional materials such as flyers, posters, t-shirts, mini-magazines, and more.




  • During camp – athletic trainers needed to assist medical staff
  • During camp – nurses needed
  • During camp – lifeguard




  • During camp – serve as counselors/leaders throughout the summer and minister directly in the lives of youth
  • Aid in development of a bible study curriculum for summer camp focusing on the chosen biblical theme, while incorporating themes of racial and socioeconomic reconciliation
  • Potential opportunities for large group speaking/teaching to the youth
  • Aid in the planning/vision for a post-camp discipleship plan for campers (in partnership with local churches)


Social Work/Sociology


  • Researching the racial and socioeconomic demographics in the U.S. and relating this to the need for our program
  • Focus research on the impact of camp on the campers, community, etc
  • Aid in development curriculum for post-camp study focusing upon building Christ-like relationships between youth from different cultural, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Helping to tailor the camp experience/activities to more effectively break down barriers of race and class
  • Researching why non-profits are attracted to Nashville


Our staff is more than willing to help cater a project to your specific interests.  Please contact our office at 615-599-9683 for additional details.