Barefoot Staff Welcomes First Campers of the Summer!!

Summer at Barefoot is finally here and what better way to kick off the summer than with Senior High Week 1! As the buses rolled down the long driveway, Barefoot summer and year-round staff were eager to welcome new and old campers back for another amazing summer!  Once campers had finally arrived, they were greeted with welcome signs and chants; all before they checked in with Camp Director Kat Murphy just before they were introduced to their Republic leaders.


Shortly after, campers were lead to their cabins for “Republic Family Circle”, a time for counselors to engage with campers besides a general introduction, and for everyone in the republic to discuss their expectations for the week. Also during this time, the republic is tasked with creating unique team name and chant to be presented during the all camp meeting later that afternoon.

Once republics had finished their family circle time, campers were lead to the UN Gym for an all camp meeting! This meeting consisted of an introduction of the summer staff, the summer theme, ‘Walk tHIS Way”, and a presentation of all the republic team chants! This was a fun and interactive time for the campers and staff to begin getting to know one another before breaking off into their specialties for the week.


Campers are given two sessions during the daily camp program to participate in specialties. Camp specialities range from visual art, vocal performance, and film making to water sports, horseback riding, and high intensity sports. This gives the campers the opportunity to improve a skill they already had or to develop a new passion!


The day came to a close with a worship session led by Thomas Rose followed by a talk from Brent Grambrell on the topic of salvation!


And then, of course, there was MESSY GAMES!! A ~messy~ relay competition between republics that may or may not have involved whipped cream, cheeto puffs and shaving cream!


It was a wonderful first day of camp and an even better start to the summer! We just can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store!


Blessings, Brooke – Barefoot Summer Staff




The first full day of camp is in the books and we are moving on to day two at Barefoot Overnight Camp! Summer staff and campers had a wonderful opening day at camp, and are ready to take this week head on!

To begin the day, campers gathered for a morning worship session followed by team building exercises. The guys participated in the low ropes team activities. There, they exhibited teamwork as they overcame the climbing wall, spider net, and mine field. These activities help campers instill confidence and trust in one another, as well as learn how to compromise and work together as one unit.

The ladies participated in several unity games in the UN Gym. These games consisted of a sticker labeling games; a game created to represent the harsh and judgement filled world we live in. As well as the “I only love you if…” game; a game created to bring light to some of the expectations that are put on our campers in their daily life that in order for them to feel loved.

It was then time for campers to gather with their cabins for family devotional time. During this time, campers discussed with their fellow cabin-mates and counselors the story of Nicodemus and the topic of the gift of salvation!

Later that day, campers participated in their specialty activity time which ended in a fun and exciting lunch time where a chant battle between the guys republics and the girls republics broke out! This excitement translated to the republic sports and games challenged where guys battled in a game of wiffle ball and the ladies competed in angle basketball! 

Campers closed the day with an evening worship session and sermon on the topic of forgiveness and healing! The wonderful day came to a close with a dance-filled block party and snacks before heading off to bed!

This week is already flying by, by the Barefoot staff is anxiously awaiting to see what God will do here in Kentucky this week!

Until next time, Brooke – Barefoot Summer Staff



Day Three & the I R O N M A N !!

It is day THREE of senior high week 1 here at Barefoot!! The energy is high and there is eager excitement all around as campers develop stronger relationships with each other and with their counselors!

This morning, campers began their day with a worship session followed by an all-camp team building activity at the low ropes course! Excited about the tasked they just had accomplished together, campers made their energy all throughout the day!

And then, that night, came the highly anticipated IRONMAN RELAY CHALLENGE! Republic vs. republic set up in a camper-wide relay race spanning all across camp! Running from the UN Gym to the zip line, straight to the wiffleball field and finishing at the soccer field; it was high energy and fast-paced race as Republic 7 and Republic 4 took the winning slot!

The day closed out with a powerful worship session and talk by Pastor Brent on the topic of forgiveness and healing.

It was a great halfway mark to the week, and everyone is wishing time would just slow down a bit to take it all in!

‘Til next time,

Brooke Willett – Barefoot Summer Staff