JR. HIGH  III | 2019

Jr. High 3 Takes the IRONMAN CHALLENGE 

Day 3 at camp was a special one!! From playing all day on the zero gravity high ropes element to playing endless games of gaga ball to free time at the rec lake, and the IRONMAN!! 

The competition began at the kitty pool where campers were tasked with working together to transport water from one side of their line to the other using a hole-punched cup! Then, their republic flag is passed to the volleyball court, then to the UN for the basketball relay followed by the food challenge in the DC cafeteria!

On the last leg of the race, campers have to complete the football toss and the three-legged race before arriving at the soccer field to complete their republic wide three-tiered human pyramid. The first girls and guys republics to finish this is cleared to lock arms and walk their way to the finish line!

With a neck in neck race, republic 4 raced against girls republic 5 to be the winning cabin for the girls. With speed, teamwork, and determination republic 4 WON for the girls! Followed by an excellent race from Republic 7 to win the challenge for the guys! Both teams worked so hard and the whole camp cheered as the final cabin crossed the finish line to complete the relay!

It was an exciting challenge! The night ended with a wonderful talk about Jesus and the paralyzed man followed by the releasing of lanterns!

Here’s to another great day at camp!

Until next time,

Brooke – Summer Staff 

Diversity Dinner and the Power of Unity! 

The last day of camp is always a special day and night for the Barefoot camper experience. With the combining of the right foot, left foot activity followed by the diversity dinner and prayer station – this night allows for deep reflection and lessons on the biblical importance of unity. 

This part of the camper program is essential to the mission of Barefoot being shared!

The Gospel calls God’s children to live in unity and we at Barefoot believe that in this world where groups of people are living in the division, that the power of unity is essential. 

The right foot, left foot activity allows for campers to exert bravery in sharing parts of their stories without saying a word. As campers are lined up single-file behind each other, they are tasked with stepping either right or left when a statement is announced that is true to their lives or home situations. This activity has been apart of the camper program at Barefoot for years, and while hard is always a very eye-opening experience for our young campers. 

After a time of reflection, campers are invited to meet back outside the cafeteria to stand in one unified circle and hear a short message about the Biblical value of unity delivered by camper director Kat Murphy. It is then that campers are ushered into the Barefoot Diversity Dinner – where they are invited to break bread and be in community with one another!

These activities show the deep heart behind the mission of Barefoot and the world vision that Barefoot was founded upon; that all people can come together and find beautiful unity in Jesus no matter background, culture, race, socio-economic situations, or pasts! 

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity” Psalm 133: 1

The night is closed out with an evening of reflection and prayer as campers participate in Prayer Stations and a night of worship! 

These events and allow students to access the Gospel in a tangible way while also connecting with Jesus, themselves and their fellow campers! Day 4 is so near and dear to all the hearts of the staff here at Barefoot! 

Until next time, 

Brooke – Barefoot Summer Staff