At Barefoot, we are called to give to and invest in the lives of children and families who are connected to our Christ-centered camp ministry. We also recognize and are grateful for the fact that individuals, families, churches and other organizations like to give to and invest in Barefoot. So we have developed our Summer Camp Wish List to help keep you informed as to some of our top needs…big and small. Thank you for considering how you might invest in Barefoot this year. You can give online today or email for more information.

Camp Season Wish List
Fruit snacks, cases of mini water bottles, large boxes of Oreos or Chips Ahoy cookies, snow cone syrup
Cases of individual bagged chips, large Containers of Animal Crackers, large boxes of Graham Crackers
Cases of Hershey’s chocolate bars, large containers of lemonade mix, boxes of Freeze Pops (unfrozen)
Paper plates, napkins, 8oz cups, Dixie cups, 5 gallon water coolers, 50lb bags of flour, goggles
Packs of markers, crayons, construction paper, paint brushes, acrylic paint
Soccer balls, volleyballs.


Ongoing Investment Opportunities
$750,000 – builds two more treehouses to double our camper capacity
$350,000 – builds Gymnasium and Performing Arts Venue
$50,000 – purchases asphalt for roads/curbs/erosion for existing roads beyond main road
$50,000 – purchases asphalt for roads/curbs/erosion for curbs and landscaping
$50,000 – constructs 8 high ropes initiatives
$32,000 – provides one month’s operating budget
$25,000 – builds bridge for easy access for staff to/from the lake house
$25,000 – builds an Alpine Climbing Tower
$25,000 – purchases asphalt for roads/curbs/erosion for main road
$20,000 – purchases a Cargo truck for day camp storage and transportation of equipment
$20,000 – purchases a 15 passenger van
$18,000 – builds canopy over amphitheater stage
$12,000 – purchases asphalt for roads/curbs/erosion control around Commons building
$12,000 – builds steps and landings to connect boat slips to deck staging area
$10,000 – builds horse patio and awning (concrete pad, benches and horse bathing/tacking facilities)
$10,000 – purchases two portable basketball goals
$7,500 – purchases an all-terrain vehicle for maintenance, camp tours & emergencies
$7,500 – purchases a jet ski
$7,500 – provides beach erosion protection (concrete gutters around beach head and bring in new sand)
$7,200 – supports part-time staff member’s salary for six months
$5,000 – purchases a portable stage for outreach events, retreats, day camp, etc.
$5,000 – constructs a Giant Swing high ropes element
$5,000 – constructs a Pamper Pole high ropes element
$5,000 – purchases 10 CB Radios
$3,000 – purchases and installs a security system (closed circuit TV and cameras)
$3,000 – purchases sports gear, cameras and other program equipment
$2,500 – purchases keyless locks for all doors on campus
$2,400 – provides four full camper scholarships for JH or SH campers
$1,000 – provides for a Round Pen sand upgrade
$600 – provides our office rental space for one month
$499– provides a full camp scholarship to a 3rd-5th grade camper
$250 – provides meals for one Barefoot outreach project
$225 – provides a full day camp scholarship
$50 – provides one camp birthday cake

Your gift of any amount is greatly appreciated and will directly benefit the lives of our campers. We appreciate your partnership and pray you have a blessed year!