Would you like to know that you had a part in changing someone’s life this summer? Here’s your opportunity. The students who attend Barefoot Republic Camp represent different racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, and we believe that our fun and life-changing camp experience should be available to everyone.

To that end, we have specific events and ongoing campaigns throughout the year to raise scholarship funds for the coming summer. In 2016, we experienced more growth due to new day camp session, Parent/Child weekends and our second year of Barefoot California. As a result, we awarded more than 1,000 campers with over $466,000 in scholarship support this summer! So your gift to our scholarship fund will serve as a tremendous blessing and life-changing opportunity for hundreds of deserving campers. Please see stories below, then click here to give online today!

Our annual camper scholarship fund is one of the ways we raise financial aid for our campers.

Please read the excerpts below from some of our scholarship request letters to understand why we are committed to making camp available to as many children and youth as possible:

“My husband has brain cancer … and it has infiltrated every aspect of our lives…we have spent the better part of the last three years in a death match with cancer focusing entirely on rescuing my husband’s life.  This battle has cost us a great deal of money…We have had to cut back on finances in every area and aspect of our lives, and it has deeply changed the way that we live…We do not have the finances to send our children to camp this year, and I wouldn’t even know about Barefoot’s wonderful program except for its wonderful 5K it did this year. My daughter could really use the wonderful memories that would come from Barefoot’s day camp program.”

This will be the kids 4th year going to camp at Barefoot.  It is the only time that we are apart as a family.  They have grown spiritually every year that they attend camp.  This camp gives them opportunities that I cannot afford to give them and I KNOW that they will be better adults because of the impact that this camp has on them.  They have all talked about how even though they have always known God, coming to this camp helps them to develop a relationship with Him.”

“I am applying for a full scholarship for my grandson who lives with me. His mother cannot not take care of him and her other 2 younger children so I agreed to take him in so that he would have a stable home environment. He has been living with me for a year and am unable to afford to send him to camp. I am doing my best to get him into positive environments for the summer…I hope you will consider granting him a full scholarship so that he will have a summer with some fun rather than being shuffled around trying to find him a place to be while I am at work.”

“I’m applying for a full scholarship for my son.  Financially, I am not capable of paying the full tuition because of my budget as a single household family with all of the expenses.  I would be so grateful for my son to have this opportunity to be able to attend your summer camp.  I haven’t been able to provide him with extracurricular activities that most two parent homes can provide.  I know that he is so excited to attend and would love to be a part of your summer family.  He is very kind, respectful and loves to play football.  Most importantly, he loves Jesus and would be so thankful to meet like minded friends.”

THE COST: $250 (K-6th day camp), $549 (3rd-5th overnight) or $649 (6th-12th overnight) sends one child to camp, but ANY amount makes a difference.

To give online today, click here and support Barefoot’s scholarship program. Or for more information contact our office at 615-599-9683 or Your scholarship gift is tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support. We pray that you are blessed in your giving to this ministry and that you will continue to walk with us as we strive to speak truth and unite the next generation for Christ.