Your generosity allows us to continue providing one of the only multicultural camp programs in the world to kids from ALL backgrounds. 

Your tax-deductible gifts allow us to continue providing one of the only multicultural camp program in the world to kids from ALL backgrounds. There are several ways you can donate to Barefoot Republic outlined below. Thank you for your generosity and partnership!

Here are several other options when giving through your workplace:

If your company has a partnership with United Way in Davidson County, you can make a donation to Barefoot by using designation #3748.

United Way of Williamson Co. does not use designation numbers. If someone wants to designate to your agency through United Way of Williamson County, they need only to put your agency name and the county your agency is located in. So please list Barefoot Republic Camp and Williamson Co. Please contact us if you desire to donate through United Way in an alternate location.

Also, many companies will match your donation to a charitable organization when you give through the workplace. Contact the personnel office at your company to see if they have a matching gift program and double your impact! If you need any help facilitating this or have any questions please contact us at 615-599-9683.


Barefoot Republic Camp is pleased to offer Planned Giving options as a way to invest in the long-term mission and vision of Barefoot. Planned gifts allow you to indicate support through estate planning and ensure that future campers have the opportunity to experience life-transforming weeks at Barefoot.


If you are interested in including Barefoot Republic Camp in your will, here is suggested language to include:

Unrestricted Gift (A gift that can be used where need is greatest). “I bequeath to Barefoot Republic Camp, Nashville, TN _______(dollars) or _____% to be used for its general purposes.”

Residuary Bequest (Leaves any remainder after all other bequests have been paid): “I bequeath to Barefoot Republic Camp ________ % of the residue of my estate to be used for its general purposes.”

Contingency Gift (Takes effect only if a primary intention can’t be met): “In the event that ____________ predeceases me, I bequeath his/her bequest or share to Barefoot Republic Camp to be used for its general purposes.”


Contributions of life insurance can provide a substantial gift to Barefoot Republic Camp. Through a very easy form, it is possible for you to name Barefoot as a beneficiary.


Also, you may name Barefoot as a beneficiary of your pension plan or IRA. Often it is possible to increase your contribution to Barefoot creatively with gifts of non-cash assets such as: Mutual funds, Stocks, Bonds, CDs, Real estate.

For more information, contact

In-Kind Donation

If you would like to make an in-kind donation, please call our office at

“For it is in giving that we receive.” ― Francis of Assisi