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Day 1

IMG_0806Today was our first day of elementary camp! We as a staff are thrilled to have these campers at Barefoot, because they are so excited to learn about Jesus and participate in activities we put on. We have prayed long and hard for this group’s time here, and so far, so good! The Republics split up and formed team names such as  “The Wolfpack ” and “The Seconds”. Along with that, each Republic made a team flag and chant. The campers were so proud of the work they’d put into their creative projects, as were we. We introduced the campers to their specialties of the week, which are classes they take in what they’re interested in. This includes sports such as football, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. There’s also areas in the arts, like photography, drama, and animation. We proceeded onto evening program with worship from Mrs. Amanda and a message from this week’s speaker, Ms. Diane. From there, we transitioned to messy games, where campers got down and dirty. First, they used their mouths to sift through pickle jello for Swedish Fish. Then, they collected oats on their faces by using milk as a plaster. Lastly, they covered their Republic leaders in shaving cream and dunked them in water afterwards. We headed to bed for an early start to tomorrow, where we will continue to have a great time here at camp!

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Day 2

IMG_1070The first full day of camp was busy, but wonderful. After eating breakfast prepared by our phenomenal cooks and support staff, we headed onto morning worship and 10 minutes of silence. This is where we ask the campers to take 10 minutes to just sit and be with the Lord. Watching them do this is refreshing to say the least. They will read from their bibles, pray, or just think on their own. After that experience (of which we do daily), we transition to Family Devo, where the Republics split up and practice learning biblical stories and their importance. From there, we head on to our first specialties and team building. Today, each Republic was asked to build a boat that we will set sail across the lake tomorrow- with a camper riding in it. The catch is that the only materials used are pool noodles, plastic bags, duct tape, and cardboard. Tomorrow, we will see which boats work!

IMG_1121After lunch, downtime, specialties and free time, we played a Barefoot game called “Crazy Ball”. This is a combination of soccer and handball where the players can kick and use their hands, resulting in an interesting Republic competition. We ate dinner and headed on over to evening program, where we worshipped again and heard another message from Ms. Diane. She explained why we need God and how He is so good to us, while we are undeserving. After taking in the word, the campers got to enjoy snow cones and a block party, where we simply played their favorite songs and let them dance for a while. This is always a highlight of camp, as it isn’t competitive; it is simply for enjoyment. And boy, do they enjoy it! Everyone lets lose and goes crazy in block party, with songs such as Church Clap and Wobble. Block party definitely tires the campers out, which makes for a good night’s rest and preparation for tomorrow.



Camper + Staff Interviews

IMG_1095Ethan | 9 | Nashville, TN | 1st year camper

You said you’ve been to day camp. How do you like overnight?

It’s good. I like the specialties and free time, because I can play paintball.

Do you think diversity is a good thing?

Yes, because we are all the same to God and we should learn about him and Jesus because they’re why we’re here.

What have you learned about God here?

He helps a bunch of people and He is why we’re living.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 8.27.09 AMAften | 9 | Nashville, TN | 1st year camper

You’ve been to day camp and the Father/Daughter retreat. What is it about Barefoot you like?

The games, the people, it’s fun, and it feels like home.

What have you learned about God this week?

He doesn’t always straight up tell you the answer. He might ask you a question instead.

Do you think diversity is good?

Yes, because someone might be different and come here without knowing this is a Christian camp and we can teach them about God.

IMG_1704Cielo | Nashville, Tennessee | 1st year counselor

Why did you come to work here all summer?

Because the Lord led me here. My friend China probably asked me 35 times to come and work, and Zack was encouraging as well. So I felt like I really needed to come.

How would you describe your time here?

It’s been really powerful and life-changing. This week, we have high-schoolers working as CIT’s and seeing them interact with the younger kids is really amazing. God really works with people through every age and every stage.

What has God shown you at Barefoot?

The main thing is that He’s pushed me towards is sticking to His plan, and understanding what He’s calling me for. Being a leader and bringing people to the church is something I think God wants.


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Day 1 Recap!

Day 3

IMG_1332The elementary school camp session flies by in only five days, so we pack a lot in. This makes for a busy yet exciting time together. We sailed our boats from yesterday, and they all held up for a while! We were immensely impressed with their stability, and with the brave campers who rode in them. As well as that, we had two Republic competitions: Iron Man and Showcase! Iron Man is a relay across campus in which every Republic competes in basketball, volleyball, swimming, etc. all while working together to cross the finish line in linked arms. That is actually the most challenging part of Iron Man, because everyone wants to go fast and win the race, so they break their link in excitement. However, that just causes a penalty of having to reform a human pyramid and link up until the finish line is crossed properly. Campers love this activity because of how heavily they learn to depend on one another, and the feeling of success when finally completing the race.

IMG_1311Later in the night, we had Showcase! This is where each Republic preforms a skit they’ve created to exemplify the camp theme, Lean on We, in a fun manner. The winning team, Republic Six (the Spice Girls) played different spices that only tasted good when combined. This competition is worth the most points leading to the Purple Cup, which is the ultimate prize of the week. The campers worked hard to incorporate what they’ve learned this week into their show, and we are so proud of all of them!




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Day 4

IMG_1674This week has absolutely flown by! It feels like just yesterday we were explaining the rules of camp, but tonight we announced the Purple Cup winners! The Seconds (ironically) earned first place in the week-long competition between Republics. This means that the team that won the most points in the games and excelled in other random areas such as being on time and being honest, was rewarded with an ice-cream party and the title of gender winner.

The winner was declared after the final and messiest Republic competition: Braveheart. This is a battle between the sexes with nothing but sponges and paint and flour being thrown at each other while trying to keep their Republic Leaders clean. With all of the campers getting a free-throw with messy supplies, staying clean is extremely difficult, so the Republics must use teamwork to protect what is important. After a shower and dinner, we headed to our final evening program where we enjoyed one more worship session and message from our phenomenal guests Amanda and Dianna. We had a debrief afterwards and proceeded to write everything we are giving up to God on lanterns, and symbolically let them go by lighting them and sending them away. These campers have been such a blessing, and we will be sad to see them go tomorrow. IMG_1625






Camper + Staff Interviews

IMG_1271Laila | 9 | Nashville, Tennessee | 3rd year camper

Why do you continue to come back to Barefoot?

It’s really fun, and I get to see my friends and favorite counselors.

What’a fun about Barefoot?

Braveheart is the best because it’s the only place I can throw paint in people’s faces. And, you get to do dances and worship.

What have you learned about God here?

All sorts of stories and that we need to do what He says.

Jalen | 10  | Nashville, TN  | 3rd year camper

IMG_1317Why do you like Barefoot?

I like Barefoot because it’s very diverse and it gives people a chance to express themselves in many ways.


What’s your favorite thing to do during free time?

Swim in the lake.

What do you think is good about diversity?

That you get to meet other people from other parts of the world so you can get to know them because it’s very important to know that kind of person so if you bump into that kind of person later in life you’ll know how to talk to them.

What have you learned about God here?

God is our savior in many ways and we wouldn’t be anything without God. We need him and he’s very important in my life.

IMG_1703Abena | Nashville, Tennessee | 1st year counselor

How did you find out about Barefoot?

I go to Lipscomb University with Candace and she mentioned that they’re hiring, and I didn’t originally want to, However, she and Zack later found me again and explained the mission of Barefoot, and I just fell in love with it.

How has your experience here been?

So great! I know that sometimes it’s hard and tiring, but I know that this is for a greater purpose and because of that, I have to put God first and not let myself interfere with His plan.

What have you learned here?That scripture has proven itself correct in that children view the kingdom of God differently and in a beautiful way.


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Day 3 Recap!



Day 5

IMG_1794We are so blessed have such fantastic campers come and spend a week with us, and families that will trust us with them for that long! We are so appreciate of the goodness and embodiment of Christ they bring to camp, therefore we reward that behavior. Not only do we have daily awards, but at the end of the week at Youth Production we disperse special certificates to campers that really blew us away. Along with that, we recognize the hard work put into specialties by having the campers preform what they’ve been doing for the rest of camp and the families who came as well. The talents these students have is remarkable. We really are missing them already, but we hope to see them next year to pick up right where we left off. IMG_1820

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