Barefoot Welcomes Elementary One!

IT IS THE FIRST DAY OF ELEMENTARY ONE!! We, the Barefoot Summer Staff, have long awaited this session and all the sweet faces we get to love on this week!!

As old-time and NEW campers all ran off the bus, their excitement pierced the surrounding environment!

“It’s not just going to be a good week, it’s going to be the BEST WEEK!” screamed a 2-year camper as he stepped off the bus.

Campers checked in and were immediately greeted by their counselors and their other cabin-mates! While meeting with their cabins, campers were tasked with creating a “Republic chant” for their cabin. These chants are to represent the personality of the cabin, while also tying in the summer theme, “Walk tHIS Way”; a phrase created after the basis of Ephesians 5: 1-2a.

Campers, counselors, and staff then all met for a camp-wide meeting in the UN Gym to present their chants, discuss camp rules, and play games! It was after this time that campers were instructed to complete their swim tests at the Barefoot recreation lake just before a spaghetti night dinner!!

The day closed with a fun and energetic worship session and talk about the meaning behind the camp theme by speaker Jacob!

Overall, it was a fun day for everyone and we can already feel that this week will be unforgettable!!

Until next time,

Brooke – Barefoot Summer Staff


The competition is heating up…

ITS TIME FOR THE IRONMAN AND LIP SYNC CHALLENGE! Every year, campers are given the opportunity to participate in both the Ironman and Lip Sync challenges! These challenges allow campers to compete in healthy ways physically and creatively.

The Ironman Challenge is an all-camp relay race between republics! Beginning at the top of the DC Cafeteria, campers are tasked with working together as one republic to complete several tasks. These tasks range from solving a brain puzzle, riding down the zip line, doing a football toss relay, and running all three bases at the wiffleball court! Finally, after a republic has overcome these obstacles, they are directed down to the soccer field to make a   human pyramid using everyone in their republic and holding it for 10 seconds! If completed, the republic must, finally, then walk arm-in-arm with each other to cross the finish line!

The winners of the Elementary 1 Session of Barefoot 2019 is REPUBLIC 6 for the girls and REPUBLIC 9 for the boys!! It was an action-packed challenged, filled with hard work, determination, TEAMWORK, and perseverance!

Then, later tonight, campers got to compete in the annual LIP SYNC COMPETITION!! This year, the competition was exceptional as republics performed the routines they had been working on all week with their counselors and republic leaders! As republic members were dressed up according to the theme of their secret songs, republics danced, sang, and even tied aspects of their songs into the various themes of the Gospel and the theme for this week, “Walk tHIS Way”!! At the end of the competition, Republics 6 and Republic 9 walked away with ANOTHER win for the day!!

The competition is heating up over here at the Barefoot Elementary 1 session! We’ll have to wait and see who takes home the final competition tomorrow with BRAVEHEART!!

Until next time,

Brooke – Barefoot Summer Staff

D’Nora Takes on the Zipline!!

Everybody give a big SHOUT because camper D’Nora Owens overcame the ZIPLINE TODAY!

Walking up to the zip line, D’Nora was eager to get harnessed up and take on the Barefoot zip line, but when she stepped up to the edge to release, she was overcome with fear. As doubt and tears became to well up inside of her, she was determined to stay standing on the platform instead of backing down. After man pep talks, and even a discussion about how no matter what challenge life may throw at us, Jesus Christ never lets us go, D’Nora was ready to jump.

As she sat down, ready to live her feet and release, she took a deep breath and let go!!!


She exclaimed as she walked back up the pathway for a second go-around! She was so glad she took a leap of faith and decided to overcome her fear of the zip line!!

D’Nora is now looking forward to the rest of the week’s free period where she can ride the zip-line over and over again. And even encourage other fearful campers to overcome their own fears!!

We are so proud of sweet D’Nora for her bravery and determination!

Until next time,

Brooke – Barefoot Summer Staff