Welcome Elementary Week Two!!!

We are closing out the summer with the best – another week of elementary! Energy and excitement were high as campers rolled onto the property ready for an unforgettable week at Barefoot! A week full of dancing, singing, games, and to learn more about Jesus and the immense love He has for all His children! 

Tonight, campers got to be introduced to Barefoot’s 2019 summer theme, Walk tHIS Way, and hear from camp director and speaker for the week, Kat Murphy. Kat spoke about the importance of not only knowing about Jesus but being in a relationship with Him!

It was a wonderful night of worship, and we are just so excited to see what God has in store for the hearts and lives of these campers! 

Until next time, 

Brooke – Barefoot Summer Staff 


Day Two!!

Day two is already heating up! Literally. Campers are excited about what this week has in store and ready to grow in friendship with one another and learn more about the God that loves them! 

This morning, campers all participated in the low ropes course for morning team-building exercises. From verbally helping eachother through the “Mind Field” challenge, to lifting one another up through the elevator escape – they all had the opportunity to learn and experience the richness that comes through working together as a team to meet one goal! 

The day progressed through morning specialties and eventually made its’ way to FREE TIME!! 

After free time, republics competed in the Barefoot Messy Games! This is an activity where campers compete against eachother to gain points towards the republic competition. They are tasked with completing various activities such as finding an alphabet letter in a pan of shaving cream, throwing cheese balls to stick on their counselor’s face, and competing in a farmer’s shower water relay! 

The night began to came to a close with worship and a talk by Ms. Kat on the topic of salvation through the story of Nicodemus! She read from John 3: 1-21. 

Finally, campers danced and sang at the block party before returning to their cabins for prayer, showers, and lights out! 

That’s from overnight camp here in Kentucky! 

Until next time, 

Brooke – Barefoot Summer Staff 

Surrendering Your Worries to God – Day 3!! 

How is it already day 3 of camp?! Where has the time gone? 

We have already had a B L A S T this week! From conquering the high ropes elements to blobbing our best friends all of free time, water sports, visual arts – you name it! But the fun is not over yet! 

Here at Barefoot, day 3 is an exceptionally special day! While it’s the most jam-packed day, it’s also filled with high energy activities, the IRONMAN CHALLENGE, the releasing of the lanterns, and everyone’s favorite: LIP SYNC! 

The Ironman challenge was fast-paced and quite the competition! Republics began the competition at the water balloon toss where they then proceeded to the “find it match it” relay before heading to the memory puzzle challenge! After that, their republic mates ran to the three-legged race where they eventually ended up on the soccer field for an all cabin human pyramid! 

It was a close race, but after a triumphant march arm in arm across the soccer field, republics 6 and 9 WON!! High fives and celebrations all around! 

The night began to slow down with outdoor worship at the Barefoot amphitheater lead by Thomas Rose and his wife! Thomas got to speak on the importance of understanding the gift of salvation, and when we surrender to God we bring our burdens to Him for Jesus to carry to the cross.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” - Matthew 11: 28-30

Campers had the opportunity to reflect on the things in their lives that are holding them back from walking to Jesus, and then to write those things on the lanterns given to their counselors. Here at Barfoot, we are passionate about creating opportunities for campers to tangibly experience the truths of God’s word. This lantern ceremony is a beautiful way for campers to experience letting a burden go and giving it to Jesus. 

Campers then gathered on the soccer field and one by one released their lanterns into the colorful, sunset sky. 

Refreshed and filled, the night came to a close with the republic vs. republic lip sync 48 hour competion! 

Overall, while it was a busy yet transformative day at camp! We cannot wait to see what God has instore for the hearts of these campers as they head into their last full day at camp! 

Until next time, 

Brooke – Barefoot Summer Staff 


From Haiti to Barefoot!

One of the wonderful aspects about Barefoot is the diversity our mission and program have to offer. We LOVE when campers from all races, backgrounds, and NATIONALITIES, can come together to hear the Gospel and spend an awesome week at camp! 

This summer, we have been so blessed to have Julie on staff with us! Julie is proudly from Haiti but lives in the United States where she attends boarding school. When asked about her beautiful homem country of Haiti, Julie can’t help but smile talking about the rich community and culture she originates from! 

Julie heared about Barefoot because her adopted parents are close family friend with the Rhodes family, and it wa sbecause of this conenction that she was able to coem to Barefoot as a camper and now a full summer counselor! 

When asked about her background, Julie shared that while she was born in Haiti, she was adopted by a Brentwood, Tennessee family five years ago. It is because of this background that she is blessed with the ability to speak three different languages: Creole, French, and English. 

This week, Barefoot has been so blessed to have Karis! Karis is also from Haiti and said she was so comforted and excited to learn that her own counselor this week shared that Haiti connection with her! 

“She came up to me on the first day and asked if it was true that I was from Haiti. When I said yes she said ‘me too!’ And I just couldn’t believe it! I was freaking out and I called my mom immediately and I was telling her all about it”, explained Julie about the day she found out Karis was also from Haiti.

She said, “I began to speak Creole with her but she couldn’t understand because she was so small when she moved to the states, but seeing the smile on her face when I was talking with her was a powerful connection. It was like we were both saying ‘I’m not alone anymore.’ It was really good to be that person to somebody else.” 

Karis said that it is because of her connection with Julie this week, that she is able to relax being at Barefoot, make new friends, and be inspired to grow and be a better person! 

“I told her that this week, in relating to those in the cabin that are not from Haiti and do not have the same cutlural background as her, that her diversity makes her beautiful”. 

We are so grateful that the mission of Barefoot has prepared a space for connections like this to be birthed. We are grateful we get to play witness to the orchestration of God’s plan for this new found friendship! 

Grateful! Grateful! 

Until next time,

Brooke – Barefoot Summer Staff 

A Final Close to the Summer

This summer has been transformative, resilient, and incredible. The movement that Jesus has made in these last 7 weeks is undoubtable and we, Barefoot summer staff, are just thankful we get to be here and play a roll in God’s overarching plan. 

Today was a wonderful close. 

Campers began their day excited to see what the day had in store for them! They finalized youth production performances in their specialties, conqured new fears on the high ropes courses, and made memories at the lake for free time. While burning hot at almost 100 degrees, the day was refreshing with sweet connections energy! 

Tonight, campers got to compete in the final battle of the republic competiton: The BRAVEHEART BATTLE! 

Swinging colored powder and paint, campers fought to rise to victory while protecting their counselor! Guy against guys and girls against girls. In the end, republics 5 and 7 rise victorious! 

The night turned to serious close with camper testimonies about their experience at camp and what God had done in their hearts and lives this week! Campers shared their favorite parts of the family devotionals, an unlikely friend they made this week, and even spoke about their wonderful choice to surrender their lives to Christ!!!!! Powerful. 

In response to these messages being shared, republic leaders and counselors performed a special ceremony with their campers called the “Medalion Ceremony”. This is a special ceremony where counselors are given the opportunity to affirm their campers in front of one another using a special wooden medalian with the cameprs name and an adjective that accurately represents the character of that camper. 

All in all, it was a moving night and a wonderful close to a wonderful summer. 

Until next summer and signing off, 

Brooke – Barefoot Summer Staff