Kentucky Day Camp | 2019


There’s A First Time For Everything!

Hello Barefoot family! Today was the first day of Barefoot Day Camp at the Barefoot Republic Camp in Fountain Run Kentucky. Not only that, it is also the first time for day camp to be held here at our overnight campus! We are all very excited and have been looking forward to this for a long time. 


As the children trickled in off of buses and vans, we were blessed with dozens of smiling faces and over fifty pairs of eager eyes. The campers came into the DC building and were directed to one of four republics, where their republic leaders and counselors were waiting to greet them and learn their names. They also met their fellow peers in their republics and played name games.

From there, we made our way to the United Nations building where all camp meeting takes place. One of our day camp directors, Mabel Davis, explained the rules of camp before the campers watched a skit. After watching a skit, staff and campers participated in worship and heard from a speaker.


Specialty one followed all camp meeting, where campers have the chance to try something that they might not have tried before or learn something that they were not previously able to do. Campers kindergarten through second grade are assigned specialties, while older campers get to choose their specialties. Each camper gets to participate in two specialties a day.


The first day of day camp here in Kentucky was hard for staff at first due to the unknown, but once the day got moving we started to see God’s plan for this week unfold. We are here for a reason and we cannot wait to see what else God has for us this week!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff


Campers Gear Up For The Best Third Day!

Welcome to this fantastic Wednesday! It’s day three in Kentucky, and we are starting to get in the swing of things. It may be the middle of the week, but we still have quite a bit of fun left for Thursday and Friday!



Campers arrived this morning with smiles on their faces and all camp meeting activities commenced once everyone was checked in at registration. Today we learned about sin and how it can affect us and those around us. After specialty, this was discussed further in family time, and campers had the chance to take it in and ask questions. 

Tomorrow is iron man, which will take the place of team building. It’s a competition between republics to see who can work together as a team the best and most efficient way possible. It’s also picture day tomorrow! Campers will be taking photos with their republic and they will also receive camper shirts to wear on Friday for youth production.



We are looking forward to having you all here for youth production in a few days so that you can see what your campers have learned! Until then, we hope to see you tomorrow!




Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff