Barefoot at Christ Church Nashville | 2019


Staff Welcomes Campers On First Day!!

We are here at Christ Church this week and first day jitters are in the air! Campers piled in this morning off of cars and buses and into the church doors, where they were directed to the registration table. Each camper received a name tag with their republic assignment and specialty placements. 


Republic leaders, counselors, and CITs waited eagerly for their campers to walk into the room and introduced themselves. As more campers arrived, the room seemed to get smaller and smaller as everyone started to intermingle with one another. By the time all camp meeting started, everyone met their fellow camp mates in their republic and proceeded to worship during all camp meeting. 

Our theme for this year is walktHISway, which entails walking in the way of Christ and following him. The theme verse for this year is Ephesians 5:1-2a, which tells us to follow God’s example and walk in the way in love. Campers will learn this week at all camp meeting in the morning and in their individual family devotional time with their republics how to walk in love and show it to others, along with living it out past camp.



We are looking forward to what this week has in store and what God has to show us!




Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff


First Day Jitters No More!

It’s day two here at day camp and we are so excited to kick the day off! Campers checked in at registration and then went into the elevate room to meet up with their republics. Shortly after, all camp meeting started and we watched a skit, which is about a brother sister duo named Margo and Marcus. 



Margo and Marcus are on a mission to find berry bushes so that they can make a pie for their mother’s birthday. The catch? There’s a mean, old wolf that’s trying to to guide them off the path and get them to walk the way she has designed. This skit has the underlying theme that we should stick to the path that God has for us, no matter what obstacles come our way. 

After campers worshiped the lord and heard a message, they went to their republics rooms to have their family devotional time. This is a time where republic leaders guide campers through a devotional and campers have the chance to ask questions about Jesus and hear what he is all about. 



Tomorrow is picture day, where campers will take their republic photos and receive t-shirts for them to wear on youth production Friday. Parents may also pick up a copy of their camper’s photo at the march table on Friday! We are looking forward to picture day!




Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff


Happy Hump Day!

Summer staff stood outside this morning chanting as campers came into the building. Campers met their friends inside and once everyone was here, all camp meeting started.



Once all camp meeting was over and republics had their family devotional time, it was time for specialties. Specialities are activities that campers have the chance to partake in. K-2nd graders rotate specialties everyday, while the older campers pick theirs before they come to camp. 

Some favorites include soccer, archery, making of the band, art, drama, and more. From the arts to sports, campers get the chance to try a variety of activities that they might not have tried before or had the chance to try before.



Campers took their republics photos today! They also received t-shirts, which they are encouraged to wear for youth production on Friday. 



Tomorrow is Iron Man, and we cannot wait!! It’s going to be so epic!




Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff


It’s Iron Man Time!!

It’s Thursday and we are excited to kick things off! Campers checked in at registration this morning before heading into the elevate room. Everyone was dancing, laughing, and chatting before all camp meeting commenced. This bubbly energy carried over into worship time, where campers sang a variety of worship songs.



Once campers heard from a speaker, they went to their family devotional time. They continued talking about the topic of salvation today and how much God loves us, to the point where he laid down his life for us. And because he loves us so much, he calls us to love others as well, and so we must try our b best to follow in the way of Christ and be like him.

Campers went to specialty one shortly after family devotional, and then transitioned to lunch to fuel up before Iron Man! Iron Man takes place during team building time, where campers have a friendly competition to see who can be the most hype republic, and who works together as a team the best. There are two winners, one girl republic and one boy republic. The winners receive medals to wear and the joy of accomplishing something together as a unit.



Tomorrow is youth production, and we are looking forward to having all of the parents come out and see what their kids have accomplished this week! Campers have been working so hard to put this performance together, and we can’t wait to see y’all there!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff


Happy Youth Production!!

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s schedule kicked off with all camp meeting, followed by family devotional. But once it was time for specialty one, the normal schedule started to change a bit. Time was cut short in specialties today to make more time for youth production tonight.



Speaking of which, today is youth production! Campers have been working hard all week working on their performances. Drama has put together a play, making of the band has put together a song, dance has organized a dance, and much more! We are looking forward to seeing y’all here at youth production.

Thank you so much for sending your kids to Barefoot this year! We are so happy that you chose to spend your summer with us. We had fun with your kids, and we hope they had fun too. Our campers have learned a lot this week on how to walk in love and the way of Christ. 



We hope to see you next summer, don’t forget to pre-register and #gobarefoot2020 !



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff