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Day 1

 Christ Church Day !

IMG_9977What an amazing day! The kids arrived shortly after a staff meeting, and time of prayer. The day began with chants, dancing, and the kids meeting there counselors! Towards 9:15am worship began, which was lead by a local, children worship leader. Following worship the stage was assumed by two people by the names of 7 Deuce, and Penny, flag football stars. They told the kids they were on the hunt for a new quarterback for the flag football team, and that in the course of the week they would be finding a quarterback in the ranks of campers at “bears football camp”. This skit ended after the introduction of the villain, a trickster by the name of C. Grizzle, who is a man that has bought the church and wants to turn it into a factory. The kids then headed to devotional where they chose a republic name, made a flag for the republic, and bonded as a group. After that ended, the AM speciality began. A speciality is a class of sorts that is chosen by the student, for example, Extreme sports, archery, STOMP (a drum class similar to drum line), photography, and visual art to name  few. After the kids finished there first day in the specialties, they headed to lunch. Once lunch had been consumed and cleaned up, the kids went to team building with there republics. Team building is another way for the republics to bond as a group and grow as friends. Once that was done they headed to PM specialties and after that, free time. Once all of that was done, end of camp meeting rolled in, end of camp meeting consists of awards, games, and many more chants! It was an amazing day, thankfully there is more to come!

-J David Wall

Day 2


IMG_2473Day 2 has come and gone, it feels almost too fast. But you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Following a time of prayer and a staff devotion, the kids arrived, they were greeted with great gusto and cheers by the staff. Soon after all camp meeting began with some mad groovy worship. Once worship had come to conclusion the skit for day began, and was followed by a short game. After a couple chants the kids headed off to there respective family devotionals to learn about Jesus. After the devotionals had ended the kids then headed to AM Specialty. When that ended they headed to lunch which was followed by team building which gave way to PM Speciality. After that end of camp meeting happened and the campers went home. What an amazing day, we can’t wait till tomorrow!

-J David Wall

Day 3


Day three has come to an end. What an amazing day, we had so much fun! Today I interviewed a member of Safari Staff named Jeremy Beene.

IMG_9796Me: Why are you here at Barefoot?

Jeremy: To serve, to learn about child psychology, and really, to just continue preaching the gospel.

Me: What is your favorite part of Barefoot?

Jeremy: Knowing that these kids will leave with either a changed mentality, or be closer to Christ.

Me: What is the most impactful moment you’ve had at Barefoot this year?

Jeremy: A moment at the farm when two kids got into a fight, and after it, because of barefoot, now both of them know Christ and have become friends.

Day 4


IMG_0194Today was an stressful, but incredible day! Today we did Ironman! Ironman is a part indoor, and part outdoor race that includes (but is not limited to) a variety of various challenges and obstacles that the republics have to conquer working together as a team. It is so much fun! Today I interviewed staff member Rachel!

Me: What is your favorite thing about Barefoot?

Rachel: Just seeing everyone come together, do activities together, work together stuff like that.

Me: Why are you at Barefoot?

Rachel: This is my second year here at Barefoot and last year I really enjoyed it, and the fellowship of staff and campers under a common goal.

Me: Whats been the most impactful thing of this year at Barefoot for you?

Rachel: Getting to now and impact the children, and watching them impact others.