“I feel that my relationship with God improved greatly during camp.  I understand more that God is giving us the gift and I need to be able to accept it.” –Luke, 16


“I re-accepted Christ this week!  I had done it when I was younger, but it did not have any meaning to me.” –Emma, 13


“All of my new friends share a love for Barefoot!.” –Jude, 10


“We are all here to worship, even though we may not look or act the same.” –Alli, 17


“I love all the new friends that I made at camp; all our backgrounds are so different.” – Delaney, 14


“My friends are diverse.  We are all from different places, look different and act different yet we still have become brothers this week.” – Paul, 16


“My favorite activity at camp was Iron Man, because it showed how with team work you can accomplish any thing.” –Andrew, 10


“I wouldn’t change a thing about Barefoot because it’s AWESOME!” –Sherrell, 17


“I enjoyed the team building on the ropes course.  It really brought us closer together and helped us know each other better.” –Elena, 14


“At camp I realized I need God.” –Wren, 15


“It’s really hard to pick out my favorite part of camp.  There are so many things I’ve done in this one week that I’ve never experienced anything like it.” –Adio, 13


“At the end of camp my soul feels renewed and replenished which is one of the reasons I love Barefoot.” –Aaliyah, 14


“I learned more about God at camp.  I plan on reading my Bible and praying more when I leave camp.” –Alaizja, 10


“My friend and I are different because we are racially and economically different, but yet we are best friends because we both have Christ.” –Nyamal, 14


“I redevoted my life to Him and it feels so good to be living for Him.” –Shawn, 15


“All of my friends are so caring and loving.  I don’t feel left out.” –Anna, 16