Barefoot at the Farm Week 1 | 2019


Barefoot Staff Welcomes The First Group of Day Campers!

As the campers rolled in on buses and vans on the first day of camp, the chant of “G-O-O-D M-O-R-N-I-N-G GOOD MORNING, HEY HEY GOOD MORNING!” echoed through out the hills and could be heard for miles. Summer and year long staff welcomed the campers with various homemade signs and enthusiastic smiles. Upon arrival, campers checked into their Republics, which are their assigned groups for the week. Campers also met their fellow peers in the Magic Forrest, where their tents are housed. They intermingled and got to know a little about their fellow counselors and Republic leaders, who oversee a specific republic. “When I pulled into camp this morning, I thought about what surprises might be in store for this year.” said Reese Williams of Republic 3. 


We had quite a few surprises at all camp meeting this morning! One of the surprises is our new theme chant, which is called “Walk tHIS Way”. The chant teaches campers to walk in the way of Christ, which they will learn through out the week. Another surprise we had was meeting our friends Margo and Marcus, who were looking for a berry bush in the forrest so that they could make a pie for their mother’s birthday on Friday. But along the way, they got lost and had a run in with a mean and scary wolf who was trying to stray them away from the path. The wolf claimed to know the way to the berry bushes, but Margo and Marcus refused to listen to her claims. They then proceeded to play a game with campers, where members of Republic 1 and 7 had to stack cups and then high five their partners three times.

After all camp meeting, we dismissed to specialities, which are classes that campers typically get to choose to take for the week. Elias of Republic 19 said that his favorite thing about his specialty, film production, was that his Republic leader Bill was teaching it. Bill introduced the concept of tripods to the kids today, and Elias said that he was “Looking forward to the rest of the week.”


Once we wrapped up specialities, it’s onto outdoor adventure! This is the time where campers get to participate in activities, such as hammock hike or archery, with their Republics. One camper from Republic 19 said that during archery, he knocked an apple off the stand!


During lunch we had our family devotional, where each Republic leader tells a story from the gospel. Then after lunch we have our second Outdoor Adventure time, and then our last specialty of the day. We wrapped up camp with All Camp Meeting and dismissed for campers to go home! 


The first day of camp was amazing! We cannot wait for tomorrow and all of the things God has in store for the week!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff

Staff Spotlight

Hayden Hobgood


Age: 23

Camp Nickname: Changes every week, but one of my favorites is General Green Bean.


How many years have you come to Barefoot?

Two years.


What unique oppurtunities do you have in your position at Barefoot?

I am the Male Program Director/MC for this year, so I get the joy of making sure campers get to experience things that I have never experienced before, such as horseback riding.


What is a favorite Barefoot moment for you?

I went to New Jersey last year where we had a lot of Korean students, the largest amount of international campers we had ever had. It was so joyful seeing them because they didn’t speak a lot of English, but I was able to form bonds and a community with them. It was so cool seeing how people can become friends despite not speaking the language.


What does diversity mean to you?

Diversity is a variety of differences, it’s more than just racial, meaning we have campers from all different walks of life coming together to grow closer to God and sharing experiences.


Staff welcomes campers for a fantastic day two!

Joy was in the air as the vans and buses rolled into the gates this morning. Campers and staff alike waited in anticipation for All Camp Meeting to start so they could kick off day two!

Campers kicked off the day by worshiping up in the loft of the barn. A couple of crowd favorites include, “I’ve Got the Joy”, “I Get Down”, and many more! Worship was led by Amy Grant and was followed by Pastor Nate teaching the kids a little more about how to walk tHIS way. 

After the lesson, it’s time for specialties. Younger Republics are assigned specialties daily, compared to older Republics who are able to pick their own specialties. Today, Republic 2 went to Drama, where they played games such as “Little Sally Walker”. After the game their instructor, Ms. Aaliyah, had them act out a story where they played princess warriors. The girls were given crowns and bandanas, and also had the option to choose from a variety of props. When asked who they loved to pretend to be the most, Eleonor Davis said that she “loved to pretend to be Merida from Brave.”


Outdoor Adventure followed specialties, then lunch, where campers ate with their Republics and talked amongst them during family devotional.


At the end of the day, one camper from each Republic receives an award at All Camp Meeting. This award is given to the camper from the Republic leader. They chose the camper based on the characteristics he or she exhibits that follow in line with the theme of the summer, based on Ephesians 5:1-2a. 


We are so glad that everyone is starting to get into the swing of things and we cannot wait for tomorrow!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff

Camper Interview

Trever Krager


Age: 7

Favorite chant: “Barefoot Really Rocks”


How many years have you come to Barefoot?

Three years.


What’s your favorite thing about Barefoot?

Doing archery.


What is your favorite thing to do in archery?

Shoot the animal targets.


Have you made any friends in your republic?



Half Way Through The Week!

There may be a slight chance of rain in the forecast, but that won’t stop us from having the best third day of camp! Campers strolled off the bus with high spirits for the day as they headed towards their Republic tents. They were greeted by their leaders and friends before heading off to All Camp Meeting.


Campers and staff met up in the loft of the barn and participated in worship, followed by a skit and a game. Today’s game was card matching, where two campers from a girl Republic and boy Republic had to match the numbers of cards. They used their teamwork skills that they have been accumulating over the course of the week in team building to complete this task. 

Once Pastor Nate taught the lesson for today, the campers were dismissed to their specialties. Then, campers went to their assigned Outdoor Adventure. One crowd favorite Outdoor Adventure is tree climbing, where campers are put into harnesses and have the ability to be hoisted by counselors up into the trees. Republic 3 went to tree climbing today! In the branches there are hammocks, where campers can hang out high above the world below them.


This week has gone by so fast, but we are so excited for tomorrow because it’s picture day! God has done so much this week already to benefit the growth of campers and staff in his word. There is no doubt that he will continue to do so these last two days



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff

Camper Interview

Karina Balderas


Age: 7

Favorite chant: “Barefoot Really Rocks”


How many years have you come to Barefoot?

Three years


What is your favorite thing about Barefoot?

I love horseback riding because it’s fun and the horses can listen to you.


Did you ride a horse before coming to Barefoot?



Did you try anything new this week?

Drama. I liked it because we get to be in a show on Friday.


Rainy Start, No Problem!

God blessed us this morning with a slight drizzle of rain and day four of camp! Campers pranced off the buses and ran under the porch for registration this morning in order to escape the rain. They then traveled to their tents, met up with their Republics, and once everyone was ready, they headed up to the loft for All Camp Meeting.


Today we heard from Pastor Nate, where he recapped yesterday’s lesson on John 3:16 and how Jesus loves us. He then talked about today’s lesson on 1 John 4:12, which says that “if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us.” To walk his way is to walk in the love of Christ, and in order to do that we need to love one another as we love ourselves. Such a great lesson from Pastor Nate teaching us how great God’s love is for us!

The rain dispersed after All Camp Meeting, so specialties were free to resume as normal. During Outdoor Adventure, we took Republic photos. Campers received their camp shirts today so that they can wear them tomorrow. 


Chick-Fil-A catered lunch for today and is also catering lunch for tomorrow. Thank you to Chick-Fil-A Throughbred for providing lunch!


Tomorrow is Youth Production, and we are so excited! We are looking forward to seeing all you parents tomorrow. Your kids have been working so hard this week putting together the show for you. We cannot wait for you to see it!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff


Last Day, Best Day!

Showers poured in this morning as campers arrived, but that won’t stop us from having a good time! Campers went upstairs into the loft instead of meeting in their tents due to the rain showers. We commenced with All Camp Meeting like normal, and participated in worship and watched a skit. 


Pastor Nate wrapped up the message this week by teaching on 1 Corinthians 13:3, which he summed up by having the campers repeat the phrase “love God, love others” to remember it. He then told the kids about how Jesus rose from the dead and died for our sins. What a great message to deliver on the last day of camp!


For specialties we went to our rainy day locations, same goes for Outdoor Adventure. We had lunch from Chick-Fil-A again today, which campers were very excited about. 


Youth Production is tonight and due to the weather, we will host it up in the loft. We look forward to seeing all you parents tonight!


Thank you so much for lending us your kids for the week. We had such a fantastic time with them and we hope they had fun as well! We also hope to see you next year for summer 2020! 


May God bless you and the rest of your summer!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff