Barefoot at the Farm Week 2 | 2019


Barefoot Staff Welcomes Campers For Farm II!!

Today truly is a good morning, because it is day one of Barefoot at the Farm II! The sun was beaming ever so brightly as campers strolled on in and hopped off the buses and checked at the registration table. Campers then walked over to the Magical Forest, where they met their Republic leaders and members of their Republic.


Once it was time for All Camp Meeting, the siren was sounded to signal for campers and staff to start making their way up to the loft in the barn. Worship was led by Amy Grant and the band, who sang some camp favorites such as “I’ve Got the Joy.” We then watched a skit and learn a lesson from our Pastor friend.


All Camp Meeting wrapped up and we dismissed for specialties, which are activities that campers participate in. Older campers get to choose their specialties, while younger campers are assigned specialties. For example, today Republic 1 was assigned to go to Silly Safari, which is an educational experience for campers to learn about and hold wild animals. 


Then we went to Outdoor Adventure, where campers have the opportunity to participate in activities such as team building at the ropes course. Team building is an important part of camp because it lets campers bond with their republic and grow as a team. This is where campers establish friendships for the week and explore their differences that makes them unique.


The rain from last week has cleared in time for this week at the farm and we are so grateful! Barefoot staff is so excited for this week, and we hope you are too!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff

Staff Spotlight

Faith Benson

Age: 24

Camp Nickname: During training, some of the staff started calling me Faithvorite.


How many years have you come to Barefoot?

This is my first year.


How do you like it?

It’s already been life changing after only being here two weeks because coming into, I didn’t know what to expect. But just with the first week of training I realized that I’m not here for me, I’m here for other people and to share my story.


Why did you come to work at Barefoot?

I work with Amy Grant doing her merchandising and she reached out to me and told me that she hosted a camp at her farm and that they needed counselors. She asked me if that was something I would be interested in and I said absolutely, because I love kids!


What does diversity mean to you?

People coming from different backgrounds, cultures, families and religions and realizing that even though we may be different, we still have a lot of similarities. When we bring those differences together, that just creates something incredible. Everyone has a special part of them that someone else doesn’t have, so bringing all of that together, there’s so much we can learn from each other.


What would you say to someone considering working at Barefoot?

DO IT! The days are hot, long, and exhausting, but somehow at the end of the day we all find the energy to do line dances and chants. That just shows you how much incredible energy is in this place and how much God is moving through us. There’s no way we can get through this without him.



Geared Up For The Best Second Day!!

It’s a chilly Tuesday morning here at Barefoot! Campers felt refreshed walking off the bus and into the cool air, compared to the heat that we had yesterday. They grabbed some breakfast and then went up to their Republic tents before heading to All Camp Meeting.


This morning, one of our staff members, Faith, led worship today. We also sang Oceans today, which is a song that we don’t sing very often. Campers and staff alike held hands as they sung the lyrics, which promotes our trust in God and tells us to tear down the dividers between us. 


After All Camp Meeting, we dismissed to specialties. One popular specialty that the older campers have the opportunity to pick is horseback riding. In fact, we try to make sure that every camper has the opportunity to ride a horse at camp. It’s an activity that we also put as an Outdoor Adventure so that the younger campers have the option to ride as well. 

Following specialties is Outdoor Adventure, where Republics often participate in various activities, such as team building. A popular team building activity is the obstacle course, where campers work together to get their whole Republic through. This helps campers bond with their Republic and break down any boundaries that might stand in the way.


We then went to lunch, followed by our second Outdoor Adventure and second specialty. After that, we dismissed for All Camp Meeting and campers were free to start dismissing for the buses. 


This has been a great week so far and we are looking forward to the rest of the week!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff

Camper Interview

Ki-erra Harris

Age: 9

Favorite Chant: Theme chant “Walk tHIS Way”


How many years have you come to Barefoot?

Two years


What is your favorite activity?

Mountain biking, horseback riding, and arts and crafts.


What have you learned about Jesus by coming to Barefoot?

That he is always watching over us, listens to our prayers, and helps us.


What is your favorite thing about Barefoot?

The counselors are nice and I like that they can help us.




Staffers Welcome Campers On This Wacky Wednesday!!

Staff welcomed the campers this morning by chanting as they arrived and got off of the buses. The high for today is 80 degrees, meaning God has blessed us with cool weather the second day in a row! 


At All Camp Meeting this morning, Ms.Diana spoke this morning about how to walk his way and love others as Christ first loved us. This line is actually apart of our theme chant, which says that “We’re gonna walk in love, as Christ first loved us.” 


After our skit in All Camp Meeting, we dismissed for specialties. A unique specialty that we have here at Barefoot is Girls World, where girls gather together and do things like make necklaces or paint their nails. Overall it gives the girls in the specialty a chance to learn how awesome it is to be a girl!


In between specialties and Outdoor Adventure, we had popsicles for a snack. It was quite a refreshing pick me up for the middle of the day! And for lunch today, we had tacos catered by Ms.Becky! After lunch, we went into our second Outdoor Adventure and second specialty. 


We cannot believe that the week is already half way over! But we are looking forward tomorrow because it’s picture day!!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff

Camper Interview

Aiden Bauman

Age: 11

Favorite Chant: I don’t have one.


How many years have you come to Barefoot?

This is my first year.


Do you like Barefoot so far?

Yes, it’s fun.


What is your favorite activity?

Football because it’s my favorite sport.


What is your favorite thing about Barefoot?

The people are nice and I get to learn about Jesus.

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Thriving On This Terrific Thursday!!

The chant of “G-O-O-D M-O-R-N-I-N-G GOOD MORNING, HEY HEY GOOD MORNING” could be heard all over camp as staff welcomed campers as they stepped of their buses. Once again, we were blessed with nice cool weather this morning for the third day in a row. Campers went to meet their Republics before going to All Camp Meeting together. 

Once campers were up in the loft, they participated in worship and heard more from Diana about how to live out this weeks theme, walk tHIS way. Then we watched a skit, where Margo and Marcus are trying to find the berry bushes so that they can make their mother a pie for her birthday on Friday. Their father gave them a map to find their way, but they got lost along the way and a mean wolf is trying to tempt them to follow her instead. She claims to know a fun short cut to the bushes, but they refuse to follow her. 


After All Camp Meeting, we dismissed to specialties, and then followed Outdoor Adventure. During Outdoor Adventure today, we had picture day. Campers took pictures with their Republics and received shirts, which they are encouraged to wear tomorrow on the last day of camp. Parents can pick up a physical copy of their camper’s Republic photo tomorrow at Youth Production!


Speaking of which, tomorrow is Youth Production, where campers in performance specialties will showcase the skills that they learned this week. We are looking forward to seeing all you parents out here tomorrow night!


It’s hard to believe that the week is almost over, but we are looking forward to having the best last day ever!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff

Camper Interview

Ansley Addison

Age: 7

Favorite Chant: I don’t have one yet.


How many years have you come to Barefoot?

This is my first year.


Do you like Barefoot so far?

So far, so good!


What is your favorite activity?

Silly Safari because we get to hold animals. Safari Steve put a cockroach in his mouth!


What have you learned at camp so far?

About Jesus.


What have you learned about Jesus?

That he helped an old man.


Did you know anything about Jesus before coming to Barefoot?

Yes. But I started asking more questions this week.


Lastly, have you tried anything new this week?

Gaga ball!



Last Day, Best Day!!

Hello and happy Friday to you all! We are so excited for this last day of camp, and we cannot wait to see what today has in store. 


Campers got off the buses this morning and met their Republics at their tent. Today, All Camp Meeting was on the lawn because we have Youth Production this afternoon! We are so excited and cannot wait for the parents to see what the kids have learned this week.

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Everyone went to their assigned specialties and Outdoor Adventures as normal. Then after All Camp Meeting today, we held rehearsal for those in performance specialties. Those who are not in performance specialties played a game or chilled out with their Republics.


We are so thankful for you choosing to #gobarefoot this summer! We had so much fun with your kids, and we hope that they did too. Walking his way isn’t easy, but we hope the campers learned how rewarding it is. Don’t forget to pre-register for summer 2020, and we hope to see you next year!



Rachel – Barefoot Summer Staff

Staff Spotlight

Ackibe Beresford

Age: 17

Camp Nickname: Golden ninja or blue bandana guy.


How many years have you come to Barefoot?

This is my first year.


Do you like Barefoot so far?

It’s amazing, it’s a great experience.


What have you gotten out of working here so far?

I’ve matured more as a person and I’m not a very outgoing person,  but working at Barefoot has helped me to be more expressive. It’s also helped me find my passion for what I really wanna do in the future.


What does diversity mean to you?

To me personally, it’s people from all different walks of life, different cultures and backgrounds, trying achieve one main goal.


What would you say to someone considering working at Barefoot?

Come with an open mind and a willingness to learn.