What people are saying about us

In the last twenty years of ministry, I have been a part of many summer camps, but nothing like Barefoot. To see God’s vision growing into a “kingdom minded” ministry for and to young people while having so much fun is incredible. I hope I’m never too old or too closed minded for that kind of God experience. I know you’re changing lives in so many ways, so keep up the God’s size task and I will forever keep you and the Barefoot Republic staff in my prayers.

Elder Wilbert Peoples
Born Again Church

For the children of our ministry, the week at Barefoot was certainly a mountain-top experience! They came back absolutely glowing and filled with hope & joy. For these children, who have been hurt so often & made to feel abandoned, forgotten & “less than” – Barefoot is a refreshing & uplifting experience. We often teach them about God’s character & His concern for them & about the better life that is offered through Jesus Christ — at camp they got to see it, touch it & live it for a week! Through the unconditional love of counselors, fun activities that were led with excellence & passion, hearing life-changing truth from God’s Word & the beautiful setting… God was revealed to them in mighty ways that touched their hearts deeply!! The experience was more than we could’ve ever asked for or imagined.

Tevin Peterson
Family/Children’s Ministry Director
Men of Valor Ministry

Barefoot Republic Camp is not just a camp but a minute by minute, summer by summer, year by year statement proclaiming God’s glory in the unique celebration of each child that attends while at the same time bringing so many different children together as one. It is a challenge to each of us to pursue loving our neighbors as God commands us and an encouragement that it is possible and necessary to live out this love. I can’t wait to send my daughter there!

Berry Brooks
Director of Development
KIPP Academy Nashville

In the past nine years, we have sent several of our students to Barefoot Republic Camp – to the person, they have returned glowing about their experiences. They love the worship, the speakers, the activities, and being around high-energy, high-quality adults who have showered them with affection. In a word, they have returned hopeful.

Chan Sheppard
Executive Director
Preston Taylor Ministries

I am encouraging our middle school and high school students to attend Barefoot Republic Camp. It will provide one of the things many of them have not experienced – a friendship with people from other backgrounds. I see this as a huge opportunity for growth for our students- as well as for the young adults who will be counselors.

Mark DeVries
President, Youth Ministry Architects


To facilitate Christ-centered relationships between individuals from diverse racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds through an equally diverse platform of artistic, athletic and team-building programs. To reflect God’s pursuit of His children through interests and passions, interpersonal relationships, and equipping students with tools for exploring and discovering God’s presence in their lives.