Day 1

We are off to a great start for our first day of camp at Big Bear California! After check-in was completed in Long Beach, campers hopped on board two charter buses and made their way up to the Big Bear Lake. The bus trip was marked by lots of chanting and the scenic views that Big Bear has to offer.

1I0A4085 1I0A4072 2After arriving at camp, students settled into their cabins and had some time to get to know each other as a cabin and create a name for their Republic, along with a flag and a cheer. We all had a great time during our first all-camp meeting as we sat in the amphitheater and watched each Republic reveal their cabin name and show off their cheers. From break dancing to clapping and clever word plays, the cheers left campers and staff alike smiling and filled with excitement and laughter. After the all camp-meeting, everyone headed to the cafeteria for a delicious lasagna dinn1I0A4244er, followed by a brief introduction to the different specialties that campers will take part in this week. These specialty introductions left students excited for the skills they will be able to learn this week, ranging from art and photography to stomp and water sports. Next, a wild time of messy games was had by all as cabins competed against each other in various relay races that involved faces full of oatmeal and meal, mouths full of jello, and hands covered in shaving cream. The evening ended back at the amphitheater with a lively time of worship and an awesome speech about what it means to “be light.” Before heading to bed, campers had the opportunity to debrief this speech with their cabins. So with it being lights out at Barefoot now, we’ll tune out for the night and keep you posted on more camp news as the week unravels. So stay tuned!

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