2017 Elementary II | 7/7 – 7/11

Day 1

IMG_1786Today is our very first day of camp! We are thrilled to have these elementary schoolers join us here at Barefoot for the next few days. They are a joy to work with, and so far its been a blast. When the campers arrived, they were taken to their cabins, which we refer to as “Republics”. Each Republic came up with their own names, chants, and flags to represent them throughout their time here. They preformed their chants, showed off their flags, and announced their names at an all-camp meeting later on. Some of their names included the “Boiz”, “The Black Diamonds”, and “The GummyBears”.

I for sure can say that these kids are so creative after hearing their chants and seeing their flag designs! They then went to their specialty class introductions, which is where they’ll spend a lot of time this week. Each camper goes to a morning specialty and an afternoon one, and they learn \ improve on a skill they are interested in all week. These specialties consist of sports such as football, and arts such as film, so there is a wide variety for campers, no matter their talent. They are already so excited to begin learning!

IMG_1852After taking a swim test to ensure the safety of the campers as they use the Rec Lake, we headed to the D.C for a dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and brownies (courtesy of our fantastic kitchen staff). That filled us up for the Evening Program, which is a space of worship and preaching. Ms. Kat, who is this week’s speaker, talked about how no matter people view us or how we view ourselves, God will always think we are good enough. That was a beautiful way to worship a little more and then go to our first Republic competition: Messy Games. I realize the name of this challenge seems self explanatory, but it consists of some crazy things! The campers seriously ate pickle juice jello, got milk and oats all over their face! They definitely had a fun, yet tiring first day, and went to bed after that. We are excited to see what our first full day will consist of, though!



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