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Day 1


Senior High 2 Day 1_2Senior high campers were greeted to Barefoot with a hot afternoon sun and lots of energetic counselors waving signs in their faces. After a week break, we are thrilled to begin the last half of overnight camps with senior high students. Last night, all of the staff gathered for worship and prayer over this week. We have prayed over the work God is going to do in these campers and that He would work through us to impact these students. I am excited to share with you glimpses of all the fun and all of the worship each day of camp. Campers gathered in their cabins to create their republic’s name and chant. We shared these with each other at our all camp meeting. Just a few examples the campers created were the “Cheerful Insiders,” “Spartans,” and “Girls in Motion.” The campers were able to preview their specialties and pass their swim test. Then, we joined together for our first evening worship of the week. Staff and campers will tell you this is one of their favorite parts of camp. Some campers are discovering God for the first time; others are growing deeper in their faith. For the staff, evening worship is a time for us to refill. No matter if we are counselors or behind-the-scenes, we still make it a point to spend time out of our day in worship. These campers are in for a real treat this week. Our worship leader and our pastor are faithful Senior High 2 Day 1_97_men of God. Dwight, our worship leader, led the staff in worship during staff training week and many of the staff still talk about it to this day. God has given him many talents; but, he uses it all for God’s Glory. After his powerful worship, Pastor Joel opened the week with a message about the Gospel. He showed the campers a video that discussed the Gospel according to Mark (Watch video here: The Gospel According to Mark). He spoke about God’s truth and the truth of the Gospel. He outlined the crucifixion and the tremendous sacrifice that Jesus gave. He encouraged the student’s to be open this week and to seek him out to ask questions. The republics then Senior High 2 Day 1_134gathered to listen to the parable about two men, one of which built his house on the sand and the other who built his house on the rock. After much discussion and sharing, the republics were given paper lanterns. Each camper wrote on their lantern the things they wanted to give up to God. They lit the lanterns and watched them float off into the sky. We prayed and then dismissed for the first competition of the week: Messy Games. Campers stuck their face in flour to find pieces of bubble gum. They got to throw Cheetos at their counselor’s shaving cream covered face. And of course, they shouted the banana chant and reenacted it  in messy style from searching for an avocado (in a bucket of leftovers), riding the llama (with flour and water poured over them), and eating a banana (with a panty hose on their face). Spartan, the oldest guy’s cabin, won first place in every round except the banana chant. We went off to our cabins, excited for what tomorrow has in store for us.


Until Tomorrow,

Mary Kate



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Day 2


Senior High 2 Day 2_75Rain poured down this morning, but we didn’t let that stop our schedule. Instead of team building activities outside, we all participated in a favorite activity of mine: Right Foot, Left Foot. Campers stood in a straight line in the U.N. as they were asked multiple questions regarding the camper’s backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, and situations. The questions instructed the campers to move either right or left. By the end of the exercise, the campers were spread across the U.N. Some friends were even on opposite sides of the room. Barefoot is a place that embraces differences. Students are able to go through this activity and see that although we are all different, we are all God’s children. Not only do the students leave with a new understanding and acceptance of differences, but they leave knowing that in God’s Kingdom, those differences do not matter. I believe that moving this activity up in the week will set these students off on the right foot. They were able to dig deep with their republic early on; and, now they have the rest of the week to go even deeper. After a day full of specialities and water games, the students came together for worship. It was a powerful night. The staff has spoken of the spiritual maturity of this group of students. These students are open to God. They are seeking Him in worship. Senior High 2 Day 2_203Caroline, a counselor, shared her testimony with the campers. She told of the wrongs done to her, and the wrongs she had done. But through it all, God redeemed her. I know that many of the students were impacted by God’s work in her life. Pastor Joel spoke about transformation. Jesus gave up His status to come to Earth to become a human. He gave up everything to save us. Joel emphasized how crazy that sacrifice truly was. Jesus is omniscient. He is all powerful. He is royalty. But He left all of that for us.  We spent several hours in worship. Counselors and campers prayed and worshipped together. The Holy Spirit’s presence was palpable. Words cannot fully explain how transformative last night was for these campers and counselors. We ended the night with a shortened block party (so we would still get plenty of sleep) and some really good sno cones.


In Christ,

Mary Kate



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Staff + Camper Interviews


Senior High 2 Day 2_86Kaylyn | Age 17 | Columbia, TN | 3rd year

Why do you keep coming back to Barefoot?

“I love being around people who love each other and get along really well.It is a really fun time. Its actually the only camp I have been to. It’s also my last year. It is really sad!”

What is your favorite thing to do?

“Horseback riding.”

What are you most looking forward to this week?

“Showcase! I have stage fright. I hate being on the camera and on stage. But it is actually always fun and funny.”

How has Barefoot impacted you?

“It has definitely brought me out of my shell. A long time ago, I was really, really shy. Here, I am not as shy and I can talk to people. I am still quiet, but I feel accepted even though I am quiet. Everyone takes you in and loves you for who you are.

What did you think about Right Foot, Left Foot?

” This is my second time to do it. It has taught me that everyone is in different places, but God has a plan for all of us. Regardless of where you are, He will love you. We have to be content and trust in Him. We are able to spread the Gospel in all of the different places we come from. He uses you no matter where you are.”


Senior High 2 Day 2_87Jacky | Born in Mexico, raised in Nashville, TN | 1st year

Why did you come to Barefoot?

“A friend invited me to come as a counselor. She was really enthusiastic about it. SO i said, ‘Sure, why not?’ I had looked at the website a little bit but I was really caught off guard actually coming here.”

What has it been like so far?

“The atmosphere here is really different. It is a good place to be. The focus on God is evident with the counselors and even the campers are really focused on God. It sets a great tone. Everyone is just really nice and supportive.”

What are you most looking forward to?

“Having fun, for sure. But I am also excited to see where my spiritual journey goes.”

What did you think about Right Foot, Left Foot

“Oh, I loved it. It made me feel really emotional. I really learned from the camper’s reflections. It made me aware of the bias I have toward myself and society. It reaffirmed where I am.”


Senior High 2 Day 2_88Donn | Age 16| Nashville, TN | 7th year

Why do you keep coming back?

“It’s a really diverse place! I get to make new friends and meet new people. I just really like diversity”

Why do you like diversity so much?

“Because you can understand people’s different cultures. You grow when you learn about people who are different than you. Also, it helps you talk to different people. Regardless of where we come from, we are all the same in God’s eyes.”

What is your favorite thing about Barefoot?

“Oh, its a lot! Maybe the zip line or horseback riding.”

What did you take away from Right Foot, Left Foot today?

“It was interesting. I was more to the left than most of my friends. In the end, no matter what I am going through, someone has it harder. But I also am not alone with anything I am going through. It showed me that God loves us no matter what. He loves me and everyone else even though we are all standing in different places.”




Day 3


Senior High 2 Day 3_33When campers describe Barefoot, they often call it home. It’s only 6 days, but it is 6 days spent in true community. These students are close. They spend every meal laughing and singing songs. It’s a joy to see these relationships form and grow each time they are together. We spent the day in our specialties, playing sports or preparing for our youth production. We then gathered for team building. Some republics learned to trust their cabin mates at low ropes by climbing up walls, balancing on tightropes, and sliding through spider webs. The other republics gathered for a new activity: Nature Drop. Each republic must protect their eggs with only items from nature. Some use moss, some use sticks, and all are able to use tape. All of the egg cages are then dropped off our blob tower. Girls in Motion saved all three eggs, beating 2 of the other republics. The points from Nature drop go towards another new addition to this summer: Purple Cup. In previous years, we have crowned a boy and a girl’s republic as winner for the week. This year, we are raising the stakes. Only one republic will come out on top. At the end of the week, the winning cabin will be awarded with medals and an ice cream party. In the end, the gender with the most amounts ofSenior High 2 Day 3_90 wins throughout the summer will be crowned the Purple Cup winner. The boys and girls are currently tied with two weeks each. After a hot day and showcase practice, we gathered for evening worship. We opened worship with “Oh, Happy Day.” One of the campers was able to sing with Dwight. Barefoot encourages every camper to embrace their gifts. It was beautiful to see her using her talents for Christ. Tonight, the Holy Spirit moved in that room. McKenna, a counselor, shared her testimony about a disease that greatly affected her life. She put her identity in things other than God. She encouraged the campers to confess and run towards God. And that is exactly what happened in the U.N.. Campers were moved by the Spirit. I am excited for what God has in store for the rest of the week. Continue to pray the transformation in these students. Throughout evening worship Pastor Joel prayed over the students and spoke what the Holy Spirit was revealing to him. He, then, shared his testimony. He spoke about how he conformed to the ways of the world. But God changed his heart. And after, God used him to change the people around him. We ended the night with more worship and discussion. It’s going to be a transformative week. I cannot wait for your campers to come home and tell you about the things they have experienced this week.


Best Wishes,

Mary Kate



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Staff + Camper Interviews


Senior High 2 Day 3_52Jashna | Age 15 | Born in Nepal, lives in Antioch, TN | 3rd year

Why do you keep coming back to Barefoot?

“The people here are really nice. The things we do are really fun and unique. The things Ihave done here are things I have never done before.”

What is your favorite thing?

“I pretty much like everything. But I probably like worshipping”

What have you learned about God this week?

“I can trust Him and He will not disappoint me.”

What is your favorite specialty?

“Oh water sports!”

What do you think about Purple Cup?

“I think it is very smart and fun. It is competitive. It gives everyone to be competitive with each other no matter if you are a boy or a girl.”

Why is diversity important at camp?

“There is a lot of racism going on in the entire world. But Barefoot brings people together. I am from Nepal and I have friends from all over the world. I am able to build true friendships. I am also able to learn about different cultures.”


Senior High 2 Day 3_53Ethan | Age 14 | Franklin, TN | 3rd year

Why do you keep coming back to Barefoot?

“It’s my favorite place in the world. There is always something to do. You don’t have to worry about anything except having fun, making friends, and worshipping God.”

What are you most looking forward to this week?

“Making of the band performance! And, soccer”

What have you learned about God?

“It doesn’t matter when you come to Him, there is always a space in God’s kingdom”

You’re a counselor at day camp, how is it being a camper this week?

“Being a counselor is really fun. I love hanging out with the staff. But there is nothing like being at camp.”

What do you think about Purple Cup?

“It is a lot of fun. It isn’t looking good for my team. It usually doesn’t for us. Purple Cup is more of a side object. It is fun to participate in, but I don’t take as seriously as I do other things.”

Why is diversity is important?

“I can learn something from everyone. It doesn’t matter how different you are. I think God wants us all to be together so we can learn about each other. My pastor said on Sunday that each person he meets is another side of the Kingdom of God.”


Senior High 2 Day 3_54Gavin | Le Vergne, TN | 2nd year

Why did you come back to camp?

“This place has brought so much growth to me. I have formed deep relationships. I have just gained so much form ministering here.”

What is your favorite thing about Barefoot?

“Relationships would be the best way to sum it up. It can be the relationships with the staff or the campers. With the campers, I am able to pour life and wisdom into their lives. Seeing that growth, is beyond words.”

How have you seen God work this summer?

“One thing that has stuck out in particular are the testimonies during evening program. It has really opened the door to incredible discussion between the guys specifically. There are a lot of lies that the enemy tries to tell boys and men of all ages. As God has taught me the answers to those lies, God has allowed me to address these lies with the guys early on that I wish were done to mine. God speaks through me and works in their hearts to open their hearts so they can experience the growth He wants to do in their lives.

What do you think about Purple Cup?

“I like it a lot. It gives you something to fight for, regardless of where you are in the line. You are just excited to win for your gender as you are your cabin, whereas all the excitement came from beating each other. We take what we have in common, gender, and really pull together. What can we do to reach a common goal? I think it is a good mindset to practice for anything in life.”

How has Barefoot impacted you?

“Oh wow, how has it not. The things I have learned here: intimacy with God, intimacy with people, transparency, not being judged, being vulnerable with God and people, and just seeing how simple God is. All God needs is a willing heart. He is powerful enough to accomplish His will with just our raw ingredients. We don’t have to put on this visage of our own power or our own strength. We don’t feel like we have to be at a certain level to be used or to be liked. Barefoot has really taught me that God only desires you and your heart. The rest, He is really to work with to take to incredible heights that we can’t even imagine.”





Day 4



Senior High 2 Day 4_10This week has flown by! I am exhausted but filled with the energy these campers have. God has continued to reveal himself to us. Even in our specialties and our free time, I can see God’s presence permeated in this camp. Today, we continued to prepare for our youth production. These campers are talented. I have the pleasure of watching them perform from behind my lens. There are girls who can sing and dance, guys who can act, and a lot of talented artists. I am looking forward to sharing their performances with you on Friday. After our busy day, we rallied for many people’s favorite competition: Iron Man. Iron Man is a relay race stretching all across campus. Campers start by stepping in paint and creating a footprint on their flag that each camper has to have while they throw footballs, kick soccer balls, solve mind puzzles, eat unknown food, swim across the rec lake, and shoot targets at archery and paintball. It’s a draining race that draws the team together. They all meet at the end to build a human pyramid and walk, arms linked, through the finish line. Each republic must listen to each other to ensure they don’t break apart before they reach the finish. Spartans, the oldest guy’s group, finished first with one of the fastest times this summer. We at dinner and my personal favorite dessert, chess squares. I have never loved chess squares, but our Head Chef Rhonda changed that very quickly. We mixed it up tonight Senior High 2 Day 4_153and met for evening worship in the amphitheater. Many of these campers have been with Barefoot for many years and the amphitheater is a special part of their Barefoot story. We spent precious time in worship with the Lord. Kareem, a counselor, shared his testimony. Although he was put into unfortunate circumstances, the Lord still sought after Him. Kareem is a changed man. He chases after God on a daily basis. He embodies a statement that Pastor Joel spoke earlier this week, that the harder we throw the ball at God, the harder He will hit it. Pastor Joel spoke about examining ourselves. Have we truly been changed from the Inside Out? We ended the night with a favorite of mine: Showcase. Campers have been creating a skit that is not only creative but that aligns with the camp theme, Inside Out. Girls in Motion took home the gold with a narrated and powerful skit about God’s love. It was simple but spoke truth into our campers. We ate popcorn and laughed all the way back to our cabins about all of the very creative and hilarious skits.


In Christ,

Mary Kate



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Staff + Camper Interviews


Senior High 2 Day 4_69Jasmine | Age 14 | Nashville, TN | 4th year

Why do you keep coming back to camp?

“I like how I can express myself with the Lord and not be judged.”

How was team building today?

“We did nature drop. Only one of our eggs survived; but, it was okay because we tried our hardest.”

What have you learned about God this week?

“He is always there. He wants us to chase after Him. We need to listen to Him.”

What is your favorite specialty?

“Vocal performance.”

What is your favorite part about camp?

“Meeting new people”

How has Barefoot impacted you?

“It allowed me to open up and express myself. I’ve told people things I have not told nayone before because I feel like I can trust the people here.”


Senior High 2 Day 4_70Adam | Age 16 | Nashville, TN | 2nd year

Why did you come back?

‘I wanted to have the same experience as last year. My first year of camp, I wasn’tt oo sure about it. I didn’t know what I was supposed to get out of it. As the week went on though, I had a feeling that I had never felt before. The week before I came last year I had decided to get baptized. Barefoot really cemented that decision for me.”

How has the last year been since you were baptized?

“It has been great. I have changed a lot especially in school and in sports. Everything is in order. It has been hard sometimes. I can slack and fall off sometimes. But I can always turn to God and ask help from Him. He always puts me back on track.”

What have you learned about God this week?

“Being open. I have to push myself forward. I have to let Him know that I want to have that relationship and that I desire that relationship He watns with me.”

What is your favorite thing to do at camp?

“The dances! The dances are cool.”

What is your favorite speciality?


How was teambuilding today?

“We did nature drop today. It was tough. Some of the groups, I feel like they cheated. But then again, we should have thought about what they did. They have the same materials that we did.


Senior High 2 Day 4_71Caroline | Cookeville, TN | Counselor | 1st year

Why did you come to Barefoot?

“I had just switched my major from singing to environmental science. I really wanted to work outside. The day after I said that, Barefoot came to my campus. I talked to Maddy and Zack and applied that day.

How has your cabin been?

“Oh they have been so good. I am super exited for the showcase; it is going to be so funny. They work well together. Even if our eggs break, they still encourage each other.”

How has Barefoot impacted you?

“It has been life-changing. God has worked in me so many ways just to get me to Barefoot. The ways He has worked just since I have been here have been outstanding. I have felt His presence so many times.”

What is your favorite thing to do at Barefoot?

“Probably the low ropes course. I really love seeing my cabin bond and communicate in ways that they wouldn’t usually. It forces them to be a team. It is cool to see how that transformation happens from the first activity to the last activity.





Day 4


Senior High 2 Day 5_16Today was our last full day of Senior High 2. It means the summer is halfway through. It was a bittersweet time. Soon these campers will see their parents and their phones (& I am not sure which one they will have missed more); but, soon these campers will have to leave Barefoot and enter into a world that isn’t always as easy as this one. These students are cohesive; they are talented; and they are filled with the Holy Spirit. After we wrapped up specialties and held our last free time block filled with paintball, horseback rides, zip line, and the rec lake, we gathered for our last competition to qualify for Purple Cup: Braveheart. Each republic must ensure the cleanliness of their counselors in a war of colored power. Boys gathered on one side, girls on the other. The campers piled onto their counselors while others pelted the other side with color bombs and paint water. This is my favorite event to shoot. Colors fly across the field while campers smile from ear to ear because they get to throw flour at each other. The counselors of the Spartans, the oldest guy’s cabin, walked away spotless with a victory in their hands. We gathered for our last dinner in the cafeteria, waiting in anticipation for the winner of Purple Cup to be announced. In the end, you guessed it, Spartans won. Although it was a tight race, the Spartans won Iron Man and Braveheart, and placed second in Senior High 2 Day 5_175skit – almost claiming the trifecta of wins, a feat that has not yet been accomplished this summer. We finished our last night with the most moving worship yet. The campers put purple cup and distractions aside to focus on what they are here for. Pastor Joel focused on two topics tonight: bitterness and anger. He encouraged the campers to confess their struggles. We were pushed to give out forgiveness. God has lavished forgiveness on top of us; so why do we hold out forgiveness to God’s created people? I have been greatly impacted by Pastor Joel this week. He has been bold in his preaching and his faith. He has made himself available for the campers. He has remained vulnerable to the campers and the staff. I believe we all were challenged by how the Lord spoke through him this week. We worshipped and ended evening program with all of the Senior High 2 Day5_3campers unified, arms around each other, in front of the stage singing praises to God. Then, the counselors had something special for the campers. This year, on the last night of camp, the counselors get to wash their campers’ feet. This is an opportunity to speak truth into these campers. The counselors pray and encourage these campers as they leave our gates. It’s a great way to wrap up this week and empower these kids through Christ. Throughout the week, the staff has shared their testimonies – but tonight, the campers were able to. This was the best time of the day to me because I was able to see how God worked this week. Many students gave their lives to Christ. Many students said that this year was different. They were done just going through life without God by their side. Please pray that these students take what they have experienced this week back to their communities so that Barefoot’s mission may be manifested in these camper’s lives and those around them.


See You Tomorrow!

Mary Kate



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Friendship Interviews

Day 5 Interview

Andrew | Age 14 | Brentwood, TN | 6th year

John | Age 15 | Nashville, TN | 1st year

How did you meet?

A: “Is this like a dating thing?”

J: “We were in the same cabin.”

What is a favorite memory from this week?

J: “A counselor came in our cabin while I was almost asleep and left the door open. I got smart of him.”

A: “I died laughing. He was so sassy.”

What do you have in common?

A: “Our taste in music.”

J: “We share a very similar passion for Christ. We love to help people. And we love to goof around.”

Do you think you have to have everything in common to be friends?

Both: “No!”

J: “It wouldn’t make you friends. It would make you the same person.”

Andrew, Why do you keep coming back to Barefoot?

A: “I keep coming back because every time I come here, it’s a new experience.  You really grow closer to God. It’s a refreshment that you really need in your life. It has become a necessity to me.”

John, why did you come to Barefoot this year?

J: “Funny story. My mom called me Saturday at 9 and asked if I wanted to go to camp on Sunday. I asked ‘What kind of camp?’ and she said, ‘A Christian camp.’ I asked ‘What denomination?’ and she said, ‘I don’t know. Do you want to go?’ She picked me up. We packed and, now I am here. The first day I didn’t really like it. They took my phone. My cabinmates made me sing….”

A: “You’re good at singing!”

J:”…at the first meeting. But now I really love it. It has been great.”

What have you learned about God this week?

A: “I have learned to speak to Him as a friend. He is not just some far away King. I can talk to Him on a personal level now.

J: “He is very powerful. He does things for a reason. Everything you go through makes you into a better person.”

What do you like or appreciate about each other?

A: “He is very funny. Even though is really funny, he can also be serious. He really loves Christ. Everytime we clap during the service, he is usually the one to start it.”

J: ‘Andrew is really funny at times. He is really serious at times. He knows how to execute something. He knows how to take a situation and group together and make things work. He is very quick with the mind.



Day 5 Interview_1Jadyn | Age 14 | Franklin, TN | 7th year

Annabelle | Age 14 | Nashville, TN | 5th year

How did you become friends?

A: ”We met at camp 4 years ago but we haven’t been in the same cabin since.”

J: “We saw each other this week and have become much better friends.”

What do you have in common?

J: “Music”

A: “We are both pretty stubborn.”

J: “And kind of blunt.”

A: “Very much so.”

What do you like or appreciate about each other?

J: “She knows what to say and when to say it. She knows how to build people up and make people laugh.”

A: “I appreciate your honesty and your realness no matter how people will react.”

What has been a favorite memory this week?

A: “Probably when we were sitting on her bed during downtime. We were having all sorts of random conversations about the most random things. We were painting our nails. I did a terrible job and she did it perfectly.”

J: “That’s definitely mine too!”

What have you learned about God this week?

J: “We need to fellowship with other believers. It helps us build our relationship with the Lord.”

A: “It takes two to have a relationship. He can’t do all the work. I have to want to be with Him. I have to strive for Him.”

What has been the best part of the week for you two?

J: “Probably spending time with our cabin.  Our conversations at night, the random conversations, and the real conversations have been really good.”

A: “Spending time with the friendships. And the worship and Joel preaching. He is so very honest. I appreciate that.”

Why do you think diversity is important at camp?

A: ‘We are not all the same. Our differences are nothing God’s eyes.”

J: “It is important to understand that not everyone comes from the same place and everyone doesn’t have the same stories.”


Day 5 Interview_2Hannah | Age 14 | Franklin, TN | 3rd year

Veronica | Age 15 | Hendersonville, TN | 2nd year

Why did you come back to camp?

V: “ I had a lot of fun last year. She was here last year and now she is in my cabin this year.”

H: “I had fun. I like making friends and meeting new people.”

What do you have in common?

V: “We are in making the band together.”

H: “We get each other’s jokes. We get what we are talking about.”

V: “If I say something, she will get it in 5 seconds.”

Do you feel like you have to have things in common to be friends?

Both: “No.”

H: “Being different is better because if people are just like you then you won’t have anything to really talk about.”

What do you like or appreciate about each other?

V: “She is funny. She makes me laugh a lot.”

H: “I love her love for music. I also love her love for things outside of the box. She does things that people don’t expect girls to do. She drums and skateboards.”

What has been your favorite memory together?

V: “Probably yeaterday during free time.”

H: “We were just laughing really hard.”

V: “Everything I said was really funny to her. Like up and down!”

(Both start laughing)


V: ”Because I knew you would find it funny!”

Why is diversity important?

H: It opens kids eyes. Some kids aren’t around diversity that often. They may say something because they don’t know any better. It just lets them know that it is okay to be around different people.”

V: “Sometimes you don’t know things about other people you expect things from them even though they are different. It allows you to know that not everyone is the same.”



Day 4


Senior High 2 Day 6 Blog_1These campers have been amazing. Most are returners, and the ones who are not have been welcomed into the Barefoot family. We ended the week by showing off our camper’s hard work. One of my favorite things about the specialties is the freedom to help create the performance. Their performance is their own and it’s a pleasure to watch it. Making of the Band split into two to battle it out on stage. Dance created an expressive glorification to the Lord. Vocal performance belted out to an impressive mash up ranging from Halleluiah to Love Me Like You Do. Stomp finished with a beat to Uptown Funk. Throughout the program, campers who stood out throughout the week are given awards. One awards campers who have shown leadership, Senior High 2 Day 6 Bloganother awards campers filled with joy, and another for the students who experienced a transformation. One of award that stuck out today was the “Inside Out” award. One of the campers that received the award experienced a true transformation. We could all see the visible difference from the beginning of the week. It was touching to see her republic embrace her after the award. The unity throughout this week is evident. I love being at a place where everyone is embraced for their differences. We ended the awards with the Mr. and Miss Barefoot awards. Kendrick and Tariyah were given this honor because they embodied Barefoot’s mission. They embraced the people around them and lead their republics well. Thank you for allowing your children to come experience the Lord with us this week. They impacted us immensely. Please pray that they would continue their walk with the Lord and take what they have learned and adopt them into their daily life.


Until Next Year,

Mary Kate



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