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Day 1

Junior High 3 Day 1_63There is nothing like getting off the bus at Barefoot for the first time. Counselors are waving their hands, welcoming you with their smiles. People in blue shirts are taking your luggage. There are very excited people around you and you’re not sure why they are so excited. But after a week, you get it. This place is saturated with the Holy Spirit. The friends you make here are friends for life. You get to be in a safe place where you are able to be yourself – and you are prized for that. Oh, and all the activities are pretty fun too. We thrilled to welcome your children to a week at one of my favorite places. After the students were settled in, we met at all camp meeting for to hear some rules and chants. Each republic created a name and chant to identify Junior High 3 Day 1_129themselves for the rest of the week. We had creative names this week such as “Panda Spartans,” “Table 8,” and “Flipping Pancackes.” We then dismissed for a preview of our specialties for the week and our swim test. These campers are in for an exciting week of learning a new skill, perfecting an old one, or discovering new talents. We met for evening program after dinner. The Crew’s, our worship team for the week, are a husband and wife duo that shine for the Lord. Our speaker is Pastor Adam. He is witty and creative. Tonight, he introduced us to our verse for the summer: Romans 12:1-2. He emphasized are we are all on level playing field with the Junior High 3 Day 1_179Lord. We are all of His children. Throughout the U.N. he placed stations where the students could express their worship in other ways. Some wrote letters to themselves. Some created a works of art for the Lord. One station allowed you to write what you saw in yourself. And the last station was God’s family tree where the students wrote the people in their life who are in God’s Kingdom. It could be someone they love, themselves, or even someone they would like to forgive. It was beautiful to see the kids visiting these stations, in silence, and being thoughtful of the act they were performing. Pastor Adam then did a demonstration for our devotional. Tonight, the students learned about the two men,Junior High 3 Day 1_209 one who built his house on the sand and one who built his house on the rock. When the wind and the rain came, only the man who built his house on the rock still had a house to go back to. Throughout the sermon, students were making houses out of Legos. They brought them up and placed them on a block of sand. He then poured a cooler of water out and watched as the houses tumbled to the ground. Then, he put the houses on a rock and poured another cooler of water. The houses stood firm. They then broke into their devotional to learn about this parable. Pastor Adam’s interactive sermons will be extremely beneficial to these kids. Not only will it keep them engaged, but it gives them a way to remember all the things they are learning this week. We ended the night with a Barefoot tradition: Lanterns. Students wrote prayers on a lanterns. Some prayers asked for forgiveness; others expressed their love for God. We lit the lanterns and watched as they floated off into the sky. We ended the night with messy games. The students put their face in flour, threw Cheetos at their counselors, and ate bananas through panty hose. It’s going to be a good week.


Until tomorrow,
Mary Kate



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Day 2

Junior High 3 Day 2_69We have introduced a new tradition to Barefoot: Purple Cup. In previous years, republics have fought to be the first place winner of either the boys or the girls each summer. But this summer, we are only crowning one winner regardless of gender. At the end of the summer, one gender will be given the honor of being the winner of Purple Cup 2016. Currently, guys have won 3 weeks and girls have won 2 weeks. If a guys group wins this week, then it is all over for the girls. However, I have high hopes for the girls. They have been the most excited group I have seen all summer. Today, we had 2 competitions: Nature Drop and Water Games. While 3 republics were building team work at low ropes, 4 of them were creating fortresses to protect their eggs from a nasty fall off the blob tower. The republics could only use tape and items from nature to shield their eggs. Some used sticks to build cages while others wrapped grass and mud around it. Panda Spartans won by protecting 2 of their eggs. After a hot day of specialties and free time, we gathered for water games. Two pools were filled with water, soap, and frisbees with letters on them. Girls had to spell “Ladies in the House” and guys had to spell “Fellas in the House.” Table 8 spelt it the fastest, allowing them to go to dinner first. If you have never had the privilege of eating at Barefoot, you are missing out. Our Head Chef Rhonda is a culinary genius.Junior High 3 Day 2_129 Today, at water sports, I asked a guy why he came back to Barefoot. He told me a few things and at the end said, “And the food! The food is SO good here.” We had pork, dressing, sweet potatoes, zucchini, and birthday cake (of course). Each day in devotional, we have introduced a new concept called storying. It is a form of oral story telling that the counselors have memorized to accurately tell the story of the gospel. Tonight, Pastor Adam talked about our story from the morning about Jairus and the bleeding woman. He didn’t just tell the story again though, he used helpers to read different perspectives from the people in the crowd. It allowed the students to put themselves in the story and really understand it. Our night came together with a dance party in the U.N. We whipped, nae naed, wobbled, and laughed. We went off to bed with snow cones in our stomach and God on our hearts.


In Christ,

Mary Kate



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Camper + Staff Interviews


Junior High 3 Day 2 Interviews_1Om | Age 14 | Born in Nepal, lives in Nashville, TN | 4th year

Why do you keep coming back to Barefoot?

“It is fun. I learn a lot. I have good conversations with my counselors. It helps me deal with problems. I receive a lot of wisdom from my counselors.”

What are you most looking forward to this week?

“Braveheart. They said they are doing it with color. I want to see how that goes.”

What have you learned about God so far this week?

“We have to have faith in Him and trust Him. I can’t lean on my own understanding.”

How has Barefoot impacted you?

“It had impacted me a lot in how I talk to my friends. It has helped me be intentional about Christ and share that to my friends.”

How do you feel about Purple Cup?

“I am excited! I hope the boy win. I think it gives a little bit more of a competition than last year.”


Junior High 3 Day 2 Interviews_2Sophie | Age 12 | Nashville, TN | 1st year

Why did you come this year?

“My friends were coming. I knew my friend Cosette was really nervous so I wanted to support her.”

How have you liked it so far?

“It has been cool and fun!”

What has been your favorite part so far?

“I’ve enjoyed everything honestly. But probably block party! That was a lot of fun”

What do you think about Purple Cup?

“It kind of frustrates me. I want the girls to win. With competitive things, I want to be competitive but I don’t know if I am going to win and that makes me nervous.”

What have you learned about God this week?

“He accepts you even when you do crazy things. He can do the impossible.”



Junior High 3 Day 2 InterviewsKendreya | Nashville, TN | 5th year | Support Staff

Why do you keep coming back to Barefoot?

“I love the diversity. All of the staff are loving and encouraging. Every year I come back and learn something different about God. It really helps me grow my relationship with God. “

What is your favorite thing about Barefoot?

“The different specialties that we participate allows us to harvest our own talents but develop those of the campers.”

Last week, you were a camper. How is it being on support staff?

“At times it can be difficult because I am not used to being behind the scenes. It is also really fun to see the behind the scenes. Its hard work but its rewarding. Barefoot wouldn’t run without support staff. I get to hang out with the campers and the counselors but alo the support staff. I also have more time to fellowship with the other staff because I am not with the kids all day.”

What do you think about Purple Cup?

“I think its amazing! It allows all cabins to be more competitive. Usually the older girls win when we are just against girls. But this allows us to use teamwork and use what girls are better at to win. Switching it up this year made it much more exciting.”




Day 3

Junior High 3 Day 3_34Happy Fourth of July! We battled lots of today but we kept our spirits up with paint on our faces and patriotic t-shirts. Every day, the students are able to go to two specialties. Campers are able to learn how to ride horses and skateboards, sing in vocal performance, play an instrument in making of the band, take pictures in photography, throw footballs and frisbees, or make beats in stomp. I have been able to watch students excel. At the end of the week, they will be able to show off all they have learned at the youth production. After morning specialty, the republics switched team building activities. 4 went to low ropes where they learned to trust each other through mine fields, spider webs, swinging ropes, and balancing planks. The other 3 took their turn at Nature Drop. Republic 617 saved all 3 eggs, the first republic to do so this week. Then, the rain came in. We spent free time with a new competition we added this week: Breakout. We stayed inside and tried to solve the puzzles to break into a locked box. Respekt, Republic 9, came in first, breaking out in 22 minutes. The republics then left to practice for Showcase tomorrow night. Junior High 3 Day 3_161We met for evening worship after devouring delicious spaghetti. The Crew’s lead us in powerful worship. Dylan, a C.I.T., shared his testimony. He emphasized that even after we are saved, we will still face difficulties. But we have to continue to pursue God even when it is tough. Pastor Adam continued to tell the perspectives of other characters in the devotional we shared this morning about the Prodigal Son. I think this is such an important technique at Barefoot because of our mission. We are bringing different perspectives under one roof. Allowing the kids to live through different perspective of those in the bible allows their brain to start thinking about other people’s different perspectives. We ended the night with fireworks and watermelon to finish out our holiday camp day.



Mary Kate




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Camper + Staff Interviews



Junior High 3 Day 4_57Jocelyn | Age 13 | Nashville, TN | 1st year

Why did you come to Barefoot?

“I heard it is a great way to have fun but still learn about Jesus. I get to meet other people and grow in teamwork.”

What is your favorite specialty?

“Outdoor Adventure. We went hiking and it was very peaceful.”

What have you learned about God so far?

“He will always love you no matter what you do. I also learned that people have different perspectives and points of views but God will listen to all of them.”

How is your cabin?

“It is so much fun!!”

How has Barefoot impacted you?

“It has just helped me grow a lot. I feel like I know God is there now. I can feel Him. I also learned stories to tell people about God.”


Junior High 3 Day 3_116Michael | Age 11 | Decatur, GA | 1st year

How did you hear about it?

“This lady named Ms. Austin gave me a scholarship to come here. She knew someone here and wanted me to come. She told me about all of the activities. I knew it would be a new experience.”

What is your favorite Specialty?

“Extreme sports. I get to ride around on bikes, skateboards, scooters, pogo sticks, and rip sticks.”

What have you learned about God so far?

“He will always be there for you. Jesus gained a lot of followers and performed a lot of miracles.”

How is your cabin?

“I actually really like my cabin. It is cool. I have a top bunk near a vent. We are really organized. We have lots of fun and we play a lot of games. We have a lot of discipline too though. During family devotional, we get to hear a story and then we get to tell the story.

How has Barefoot impacted you?

“It has impacted me in a good way. It has taught me a lot about teamwork?”


Junior High 3 Day 4_58Peter | Nashville, TN | 8th year | Youth Director at the Village Chapel

Why do you keep coming back to Barefoot?

“There are so many reasons. How do I narrow it down? The biggest reason is that it is a Christ-centered camp. I love that the Gospel is incorporated in everything, even in the specialties. The camp has a focus of trying to bring in some sort of biblical or spiritual teaching into whatever activity we are doing. There also is an emphasis on the unity in Christ. I have been on the programming board before and there is a very intentional focus on everything we do at the camp. Also, the kids in my youth group love it; so, of course, we return every year.”

What is the most beautiful thing about Barefoot?

“The most beautiful thing is the unity that the kids have with each other and the adults. When you have been here for a long period of time, it is almost shocking to go back to real life. Our everyday doesn’t have the type of unity that we experience here. We say this a lot, but the idea that Barefoot is a little piece of the Kingdom of Heaven that we get to experience on Earth. You see the news and all of the racial tension; then, you come here and that just doesn’t exist. My biggest shock when I first came here was with high school. With high school, cliques always happen. But when you are here, it is minimal to non-existent. It is amazing to see one big group of teens hanging out and not just a bunch of cliques. That’s incredibly rare for teenagers.”

How has Barefoot impacted you?

“The impact for me is getting to be around other youth leaders. I am able to learn form their leadership and how they work with teens. There is so much that works well here. I get to incorporate the things I see here into my youth ministry and retreats. A big thing I have learned is how to break the ice and connect the kids. Day one here, we get the kids to interact right away. It is really effective. I’ve incorporated it into my youth group and retreats. Barefoot has just made me a better leader.

What do you like about teaching film specialty?

“Learning film is learning how to work as a team. It is kind of like the Body of Christ. Everybody has a different role and those different can be drastically different from each other. There are people who are more technical and like to be behind the camera or the audio. Then, there are people who like to act and write. I think all kinds of personalities and interests can take film and find a place. Incorporating Christ and Barefoot’s mission is really easy in film because of this diversity.

What is your favorite thing to do at Barefoot?

“I love to strap the GoPro on my head and do crazy things like that with the kids. I also really like water sports even though I don’t do that very often. My favorite things probably just visiting with the kids and interacting with them. That is a cool thing about doing video. It gives me an excuse to get to talk to the kids. In a sense, you are justified in talking to them because you have a camera. I can go up to someone I have never met and they are not intimidated by it because I have the camera. I also really love when my kids have questions and I get to lead them through that. Sometimes they want to take the next step in their faith or they feel the Holy Spirit tugging on their hearts. That is ultimately my favorite because I get to walk them through their spiritual journey in this short period of time. They have the opportunity to intensely experience the Holy Spirit if they are open to that. It Is amazing if someone is and I get to be apart of that.”




Day 4


Junior High 3 Day 4_51The fourth day of camp is always my favorite because of Right Foot, Left Foot. All of camp participates in an exercise that symbolizes the divisions the world creates between us. Beginning in a straight line, the campers are asked a series of questions pertaining to their backgrounds, circumstances, race, gender, and socioeconomic identity. By the end of the questions, republics are spread in both directions. Friends are on opposite sides of the room. However, these divisions are nothing in the name of Christ. We emphasize that although we may be divided by the world, that we are one under Christ.  This exercise is so important in a world that is so visibly divided. After specialties and free time, we gathered for a beloved tradition: Iron Man. Junior High 3 Day 4_100However, this week we decided to change it. Generally, Iron Man is filled with mostly athletic activities. But, this week we added a haiku, lock puzzle, and charades. Girls swept the competition taking 1st through 4th place. Cabin 3, the Tadpolian Girls – the youngest girls’ cabin, won first place by a long shot. That is a feat that has not happened yet this summer. We ended the event with a ceremony with the National Anthem and lots of cheering. Then, we worshipped the Lord at evening program. Last night, Pastor Adam told the perspectives of other people at the cruxifixction. Throughout the week, Pastor Adam has met with different groups of staff to discuss the devotional and have them write the perspectives of the bystanders. He uses these to tell the students. Last night, he told the perspectives of the two thieves, Mary Magdalene, and Mary. It was powerful and moving. The whole crowd felt like they were present, watching Jesus sacrifice His life. Finally, we ended the night with Showcase. All week, republics have been Junior High 3 Day 4_119creating a skit that combines creativity, the camp theme, and timeliness. This was by far my favorite showcase of the year. All of the republics put their best foot forward. Republic 9, Respekt, lead us on the journey of the Fresh Prince of Barefoot. Republic 4, Panda Spartans, retold the story of Jairus and the bleeding woman through Jessica, the apple store Savior, who healed the 12-year-old’s dead iPhone. In the end, Republic 6 came out on top with their moving piece about flipping through channels to find a show about God’s power and the bible’s symbolism. With popcorn in hand, we headed back to the cabin, wishing tomorrow wasn’t our last days.


Best Wishes,

Mary Kate



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Camper + Staff Interviews


Junior High 3 Day 4_59Kate | Age 12 | Nashville, TN | 4th year

Why do you keep coming back to camp?

“I really like it! It is really awesome here. I get to meet a lot of new people who are really cool. I get to do a lot of activities.”

What are your favorite activities to do here?

“Either the rec lake or horseback.”

What have you learned about God this week?

“He knows what is best for us. He will protect us no matter where we are. He will always love us.”

What story did you learn the most about this week?

“Probably the prodigal son. I learned that my parents will always love me. God will also always love me. He will welcome me with open arms.

How has your cabin been this week?

“It has been really awesome. My cabin mates are really cool. They are really nice. We get along well together.”

How has Barefoot impacted you?

“I have become stronger both physically and spiritually. It has taught me that it is okay to be who I truly am. I have also learned how to be open and make friends.”

How did you feel about Right Foot, Left Foot?

“I felt kind of weird inside when I did it. When I saw those people on the left side, it made me feel grateful and sad. But I learned that God loves us all equally. In His kingdom no one is separated. We are all in one spot and equal.”


Junior High 3 Day 4_60Grafton | Age 13 | Nashville, TN | 1st year

How did you end up at Barefoot?

“Pastor Adam is a close friend of mine. He is the youth minister at my church. He invited me to come down with him, so I came down with him. And now I am here.”

How have you liked it so far?

“It’s been great. I have been able to make new friends and see some old friends actually. I knew 3 people in my cabin form home. I have gotten to learn more about God and play games.”

What have you learned about God this week?

“I have just learned that He is always there. When we have problems, He is the first one we should go to.”

What has been your favorite thing to do at Barefoot so far?

“Probably the blob.”

Which story have you learned a lot about?

“The prodigal son. I feel like every story and everything that happens has more than one side. It was a blessing for the younger son to be left back into the house. But, it was upsetting for the older son.”

What did you think about Right Foot, Left Foot?

“I liked it. Everyone goes through stuff. You are never the only one. God moves in mysterious ways. He sees everyone equally even when we don’t see everyone equally.”


Junior High 3 Day 4_70Kareem | Nashville, TN | Counselor | 1st year

How did you end up at Barefoot?

“It was a crazy thing. I actually came the last day of staff training. I was training for basketball, but God put it on my heart to do some of His work this summer. A friend of mine, who currently serves at Barefoot, told me that she thought I would be amazing at it. I prayed about it and God instantly said “Go.”

How has it been so far?

“It has been amazing. Just interacting with the kids, praying with them, and worshipping has been an amazing experience. It has been so amazing because God has really been moving and using me. I see myself as a younger kid in some of these kids so I know how to relate to them. I know how they are growing up and what they are dealing with. I am just able to plant seeds. Kids will come here, and some of them will leave changed and others will not. But the kids who didn’t, they will have seeds planted that will one day, hopefully, lead them to Christ.”

What has been your favorite thing about Barefoot so far?

“Just seeing the transformation throughout the week. The kids come in and they may act too cool or be angry. Then they leave at the end of the week and they have opened up and transformed by the Holy Spirit. It is just like, “Wow!” It has been amazing to be used as vessels for the Lord. We are able to see His glory through these children.”

What have you learned this summer?

“I’ve learned to let God use me. When God is within us and we are obedient to Him, He can do great things. We can never put a limitation on God. It is just amazing how He shows up. He just uses people. He opens hearts. He allows the kids to be free. And He allows the staff to be free. It is beautiful.”

What do you think about Right Foot, Left Foot?

“It is an amazing activity. It really shows where kids are in life. Some kids may not move left or right because they may feel ashamed or embarrassed. The ones who do move show a humility and a vulnerability that is really important with you’re walking with Christ.”





Day 5


Junior High III Day 5_66Every morning, after morning worship, students take 10 minutes in silence. They can choose to spend this time however they want as long as they are quiet and still. We encourage them to speak to God, to write to Him, to pray to Him. Those 10 minutes are sweet moments for everyone on campus. I am so appreciative for this time. With so many distractions in our world, we fail to seek truly quiet time with the Lord. I love that Barefoot carves out time for a community of silence and a community of fellowship. Today was full of a lot of rain and a lot of pictures. We finished up our specialties and ate a lot of dessert. But as the time for Braveheart was nearing, the rain fell harder. With thunderstorm warnings, we made the hard decision to cancel Braveheart. I know the campers were disappointed because the counselors, who have done it every Junior High III Day 5_68week, were extremely disappointed. We spent our time in our cabins, fellowshipping and laughing with each other. We gathered for dinner to hear the winner of Purple Cup for the week. Even with Braveheart, the girls would still have swept the guy’s this week. They won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. Republic 6, 617, took home the gold. This makes our point total 3-3, meaning next week will determine the Purple Cup winner for the summer. Keep up with the blog to hear if guys or girls win the summer of 2016. We came together one last time for evening worship. We sang “Oh, Happy Day!” while jumping up and down. After worship, one of the campers came on stage to say the theme verse. Pastor Adam has done a wonderful job of encouraging these students to memorize the scripture this week. They are all excited it about it and want to show him that they have memorized it. Last night, two republics even showed off their memorization during showcase. They must have known Pastor Adam was a judge. It is refreshing to see these young campers Junior High III Day 5_102excited about the Word of God. He continued the monologue series about the Road to Emmaus. He told the perspectives of multiple people such as one of Jesus’ woman followers and a bystander. We ended worship with communion. Pastor Adam commented about how the room was similar to the last supper because friends were laughing and enjoying community for what may be the last time for a year or longer. We have started a new tradition this year. O the last night, the counselors wash their camper’s feet. They pray and speak truth over these students to encourage them as they leave Barefoot. I have watched tremendous transformation this week. These counselors have poured themselves out to these campers. Please pray for their transition home and the continued transformation in their lives. Many of these kids will go back to dark places. Pray that they will carry the light of the Lord with them. Tonight ended how camp should, with a bonfire and s’mores.


See You Tomorrow!

Mary Kate Thomas



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Camper + Staff Interviews


Junior High III Day 5_2Farrah | Age 11 | Nashville, TN| 5th year

Ashton | Age 10 | Franklin, TN | 1st year

How did you meet?

F: “On the bus. When we were loading on the bus, we just started talking to each other.”

A: “And then we got to camp and we were bunkmates.”

What do you have in common?

A: “Our favorite…”

(In unison) “…color is blue and green…”

A: “which is basically…”

(In unison) “turquoise.”

F: “We both like…”

In Unison: “water sports.”

A: “What else? What is your favorite food here?

F: “Probably the pancakes.”

A: “Those are pretty good. I like the spaghetti though.”

(Both laugh.)

Do you have a favorite memory that you share together?

Both: “Yes!”

F: “Well, when we were ziplining, she screamed so loud!”

A: “My favorite memory was yesterday. We were with three other people in the lake. We were in the paddleboat and we fell in.”

F; “No, she got out of the boat. Then, I couldn’t get out because the slide was slippery. IT was sinking on one side and I was scared. Then, three other people had to come help us.”

A: “Yeah, I tried to pull her up and I almost fell on my face.”

F: “Yeah, I should have pulled her in.”

What do you like about each other?

F: “She is sweet, beautiful, really smart, and a good friend.”

A: ‘I like her personality. I like her style. And you are very very smart and pretty.”

F: “Awww!”

(They hug.)

What did you learn about God this week?

A: “He is very trusting and He is always there for us!”

F: “I learned that we should always have faith in Him. We should always love Him. And We should always pray to Him.”

Why is diversity important at camp?

F: “So you can get to know people who are different than you. You are able to see what those people have to go through sometimes.”

A: “Yeah, we don’t want to be separated because we are one in God.”


Junior High III Day 5Max | Age 12 | Columbia, TN | 3rd year

James | Age 12 | Madison, TN | 5th year

Why do you keep coming back to Barefoot?

M: “I just love it here. The community, the chants, the counselors, and everyone’s attitude is so great.”

J: “It is one of the best summer camps I have ever been to.”

How did you become friends?

M:”We were kind of friends from my first year here. But the more we have been in the same cabin, we have gotten closer.”

What do you have in common?

J: “We both are good at stepping up.”

M: “Yeah. In the showcase, our counselors didn’t really help us. We had to take command. We didn’t even make it until 15 minutes before because no would listen so we had to come up with something. We ended up winning 4th place. But we are both loud when it comes to chants.”

Do you have to have things in common to be friends?

(At the same time)

M: “No.”

J: “Yeah.”

M: “Bro, were you even listening to her!?”

J: “Wait, what did she say? I meant no!”

(Both laughing)

Has there been a favorite memory this week?

J: “In Tennessee at the bus stop when we first saw each other.”

M: “We had a lot of fun on the bus with all of our friends.”

What do you like or appreciate about each other?

M: “His naturally curly hair.”

J: “How quiet he is when he sleeps.”

M: “Oh yeah, this guy spasms and snorts when he sleeps. It is so loud! But he is also really funny.”

What have you learned about God this week?

M: “I learned a lot from the verse, Romans 12:1-2. I have always paid close attention to what other people think of me, so I really took ‘Do not conform to the ways of this world’ very seriously. It really got to me.”

J: “ Yeah, I have learned that I don’t have to follow the patterns of this world.”

Why is diversity important at camp?

M: “It is like you said earlier, you don’t have to have things in common to be friends. When we get to meet people who are different than us here, we are able to make good friends.”

J: “It teaches you not to judge people from the outside. You should see everyone for the inside.”


Junior High III Day 5_1Nisha | Age 12 | Nashville, TN | 5th year

Olivia |Age 12 | Nashville, TN | 5th year

How did you meet?

O: “We were in the same cabin last year. She was fun.”

N: “Yeah, but we have gotten closer this year.”

What do you have in common?

N: “We both are 12. This is our 5th year.”

O: “We are both friends with Carrie Mae.”

N: “And Abria.”

O: “We both go to Barefoot.”

N: “We both love God. And that is one important thing!”

What is a favorite memory from this week?

N: “When we were doing the play in our cabin.”

O: “Yeah, she was being hilarious and making everyone laugh.”

N: “Yeah, that!”

What do you like about each other?

O: “She is really funny and sweet and beautiful.”

N: “Yeah, she is really funny. She’s Olivia. She is pretty. She is sweet. She is really friendly.”

(Nisha puts her hand on Olivia’s face. Olivia makes kissing noises at her.)

Why do you think diversity is important at camp?

O: “Because God made us all equal. So we should come together and worship Him.”