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Day 2 

DSC_0096-2We were excited to welcome the campers today as they ran off the bus to register. They chanted “G O O D M O R N I N G, good morning, good good good morning”. They were definitely ready for a fun day. They played and got to know each other, their counselors, and republic leaders. The leaders played games with the campers. Some of the kids blew bubbles, ran around, played simon says, drew in their journals. We gathered together and went into the barn to worship and listen to a message. The band led the kids i worship songs with hand motions. They sang “I’ve got the joy” DSC_0458. After worship, a boy camper and girl camper competed in a game blindfolded stacking clocks to see who would stack the highest. Sorry ladies, the fella’s won. The message was that God wants us to ask, seek, and knock. The pastor spoke about how we can’t stand on anything, but the rock because it’s a firm foundation and God is the rock.


The campers went to their specialty groups after all camp meeting. The archery group learned how to fix bows and shoot a bow and arrow. Some DSC_0770played the game of “ninja” when it wasn’t their turn having loads of fun. The horse back riding group were learning to stop and slow the horse down while riding. Mountain bike riding road their bikes down a trail and had a blast riding over a small jump.


They had lunch and devotions learning about how Jesus DSC_0764healed a woman who touched his garment and raised a girl from the dead. He does amazing things and it shows how we can have faith in Him and He can do the same for us. After lunch, it started raining cats and dogs and everyone ran into the barn. Shortly after the rain stopped, the campers headed to outdoor adventure. A group of girls went fishing and caught a catfish. A few other fish hooked on and were almost caught. Visual arts had a creative group of boys creating things out of sticks, leaves, and other things from nature under the trees showing each creative and unique perspective.


The end of the day came too quickly and we all met up in the barn to worship, yell chants, and leave to go home. Two days into camp, and we already have made so many memories!


See ya tomorrow!





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Day 2 Interviews

DSC_0549Sandra | Age 9 | Nashville, TN | 2nd year 

How did you hear about BRC?

“My parents”

What’s your favorite thing to do at camp?

Well I like to go fishing, I like the activities and yeah it’s fun”

How do you like your cabin?

“I like it. I like my teacher”

What have you learned about God at camp?

“Well I learned that he doesn’t care about how you look, but how you act and how you are in the inside”

What are you looking forward to?

“I am looking forward to earning an award at Barefoot and having fun”



DSC_0545Sierra | Age 11 | Nashville, TN | 1st year  

Raquel | Age 12 | Nashville, TN | 1st year

How long have you both known each other?

Sierra: “We go to the same after school program”

What do you both have in common?

Raquela:“We both like to skate”

What do you like about Raquela?

“Her hair”

What do you like about Sierra?

“She’s cool”

What is your favorite thing at camp?

Both: “Tree climbing”

What are you looking forward to?

Raquela: “Going to a new school”

Sierra: “I don’t know”


DSC_0541Nick | Age 23 | Republic leader | 1st year

How did you hear about Barefoot?

“I actually Found it online looking for internships. When this came accross, I thought it was pretty interesting because I was with two other companies in the past, Boys & Girls club and the YMCA. When I heard about this one, I knew it was gonna be out of my comfort zone because of the woods and the farm. However, I think its a good change from what I’ve been involved with before. So far its been fun!”

Why do you think diversity is important at camp?

“I think it’s important because you get to meet a lot of kids from everywhere, from different countries. For example, I have this one kid named Micah and he explained to me that he’s from Ethiopia and he is 1 of 7 adopted children.”

What is your favorite thing to do with the kids here?

“The Devotions. To be able to tell the story and to see their faces light up and when they don’t know who Jesus is, It’s a cool way to do that!

What are you looking forward to?

“I’m definitely looking forward to making as many relationships as possible.”

How do you want to further your relationship with God at camp?

“I feel like being here is making my relationship with God closer. And I kinda notice that I’m getting closer to Him being in nature. And then personally, my grandma passed away last monday so I feel like in a way it’s like a healing process getting through the grief.“




Day 3 


DSC_0225It was a sunny day at the farm today. The campers ran off the bus energetic with smiles. As soon as the kids registered, they started playing games in the yard with their republic groups and other campers. They passed the football, blew bubbles, played “rock, paper, scissors, shoot”, and jumped around. We all went to camp meeting and worshipped with the band. The campers danced and put their arms around each other when they sang “Lean On Me”. There was a game to follow with a girl against a boy competing on who would eat the their 3 small donuts dangling above them first. The boys won. Pastor C came up to speak and talked about practicing how God taught us to say sorry to one another and let Him transform us from the inside out. He DSC_0355talked about the story of when the pharisee thanked God that he was good and better than all the other sinners while the sinner was humble and admitted how unworthy he was. God wants us to humble ourselves because in our weakness he is strong.


After all camp meeting, the kids headed to their specialties and went on their adventures for the day. They had lunch and devotions learning about the prodigal son and how the father welcomed the son back home.


DSC_0587The kids climbed trees, played sports, and drama painted their faces with their favorite characters.


Later on we took group pictures and then they went back to their adventures. It was definitely a humid and hot day. The water was refilled and the kids drank a lot of water and lathered on sunscreen. We had a fun filled day. Time flew by and it was another great day at camp. “How do we change?”, “ from the inside out!”




See ya bright and early tomorrow! God Bless!




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Day 3 Interview

DSC_0436Gage | Age 10 | Brentwood, TN | 1st year 

How did you hear about Barefoot?

“My aunt told me about it and all my cousins come down.”

How’s your experience so far?


What is your favorite thing to do at camp?

“Gaga ball and soccer.”

What are you looking forward to?

“Pictures and I like everything.”

Why do you think diversity is cool?

“Cuz’ like usually kids don’t get the opportunity to come to camp and the get to come here and have fun”

What have you learned about God at camp?

“Have faith in him because He can do mighty things”



DSC_0447Shen | Age 6 3/4 |  Memphis, TN

Judah |  Age 5 | Nashville, TN

How do you know each other?

Shen: “I don’t know…actually we were babies

What do you both have in common?

Judah “ I think we both like remote control race cars and I like remote control helicopters”

Shen: ”oh yeah I like that”

What do you like about Shen?

Judah: “ He’s my best buddy. And he has hard snowballs at his house.

What do you like about Judah?

“He’s my buddy”

What is your favorite thing to do at camp?

Shen: “archery”

Judah: “bow and arrow actually gah gah ball”

What have you both learned about God?

Shen:  “He do amazing things after miracle after miracle”



DSC_0453Si’Maya |  Age 9 | Nashville, TN | 1st year

What’s your favorite thing to do here at camp?

“I like riding bikes through the mountains”

What are you looking forward to?

“All of the activities”

What have you learned about God here?

“He does miracles after miracles “

Why do you think diversity is a cool thing?

“Because people from different cultures get to meet different people”








Day 4 


DSC_0174Can you believe how hot it was today?! I can because I was in it! I think it felt like 112 degrees. After the campers all arrived and got their fix from playing and running around. We went to all camp meeting and worshipped. Pastor Steve came up, spoke about how we are all part of God’s family, and He adopted us as his sons and daughters. That’s why we can all each other sisters and brothers. We played a game where they put vaseline on two of the kid’s noses and put their faces in a bowl of cotton balls to see how many they can get into their buckets. Sorry fella’s, ladies won!


At the hammock hike, a girl republic group laid in hammocks, wrote in their journals, and were led to stay DSC_0237silent for a time to hear god’s nature, be still, and feel His presence.


When they had lunch, they learned the crucifixion story and how Jesus died for our sins.


At tree climbing, a bunch of groups alternated throughout the DSC_0438day and surprisingly the little 4, 5, 6, & 7 year olds can hoist themselves all the way to the top of the tree with their ropes at a pretty good pace. Horse back riding learned how to lasso, walk the horse, and stop the horse. There was a puppet man today who came in and showed all of his puppets. I’ll be sure to get pictures of him with his puppets tomorrow. The kids enjoyed going down the water slide.


Although it was a very hot day, the kids still had a blast spraying water on each other and standing in front of the fans that blew mist. The water man made sure to refill the water jugs!


We ended the day in the barn with the “Banana” chant and everyone went bananas. There are so many activities to experience and tomorrow will be another exciting day!


God bless all of you brothers and sisters!




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Day 4 Interview


DSC_0157Solomon | Age 11 | Franklin, TN | 5th year

How did you hear about barefoot?

“Well we’ve always gone to barefoot since I was 7.”

How is your experience so far?

“It’s fun and it’s hot.”

What is your favorite thing to do here?

“Just having fun with my Republic group…just going around with them and having fun.”

Do you have a favorite activity?

“Yeah, soccer.”

Why do you think diversity is important?

“Because if everyone just stays with your type of your religion and your culture you won’t get to learn what new culture is like.”

What are you looking forward to?

“Next year at Barefoot”

What is God teaching you here?

“That we’re all part of God’s family and we are all created by God. We need to come together and become God’s family.”


DSC_0160Sydney | Age 6 | Nashville, TN | 1st year

What is your favorite thing to do here?

“I’m excited about the water slide tomorrow

What do you think about God?

“He’s good. That when Jesus died he would come back some day.” “What about favorite food?”

What’s your favorite food?

“Cake and ice-cream.”

What else do you want to say?

“I love camp.”

What’s your favorite activity?

“Arts and crafts”



DSC_0153Caroline | Age 14 |Counselor | 2nd year

How did you hear about barefoot?

“One of my staff at my church recommended me for it.”

Whats your favorite thing to do with kids? 

“Tree climbing and family deco and lunch”

Why do you think diversity is important? 

“Because it’s important to know where everyone else comes from and you can make more friends. Everyone can be nicer to each other.”

What are you looking forward to?

“The next time I work here”

How is your relationship getting closer to God by being here? 

“Just seeing God through the children”

How was it on the first day of the 2nd week?

“A little bit of a nervousness about it, but I just know by the end of the day we’ll all be best friends”





Day 4 


DSC_1110The last day at the farm was a good one! There were so many good times! Pastor Steve spoke at all camp meeting after the worship focusing on how God doesn’t look at the outward appearance, but looks at the heart. Today I got to experience watching art puppetry with the campers in the barn. A bunch of puppets were brought in that the teacher made and the children learned how they were made and took pictures with them. He played with the marionettes making it dance and say “hello” for the children. There was a puppet made of of yarn and a toy (Woody) made into a marionette. On the outside of the barn in the yard, a republic group was having fun going down the water slide and another group of boys were having a blast playing “Gaga DSC_1276ball”. I followed the mountain bike riders out through the fields and into the woods where they road down a path over a small jump giving them some air. Every activity had it’s own unique fun thing about it. Fishing was always a good get away for the children to cast out and wait for a fish around the peaceful pond. When we all gathered together, everyone was excited and nervous while they got ready for the performance for all the friends and family who came out to watch. Outback steak house had a great dinner. Kids received awards, the performances went really well, and we saw a lot of proud faces. Of course it was funny watching a couple counselors smash raw and boiled eggs on their heads. Everyone will be missed and we an’t wait to see all your lovely faces next year. God is doing amazing things and we definitely felt Him changing all of us from the inside out!
God Bless Ya’ll,