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Day 1


We have been so excited for the kids to come to camp at the Farm! The Farm is colorful and ready for the kids. The buses started rolling in and the staff made a tunnel for the kids to walk through as they arrived off the bus chanting “G-O-O-D  M-O-R-N-I-N-G…Good Morning, Hey Hey Good Morning!” welcoming them with high fives. As the kids got registered, they met their counselors and were off to camp meeting where Emily, the program director, taught them some chants, saying, “How do we change?” and they would yell back “from the inside out.” The main theme for camp is that God changes us from the inside out based off of Romans 12:1-2.


We started off the day with a game and worship with the band. Pastor Nick from Rolling Hills spoke to the children telling them the story of Gideon and how God doesn’t look on the outside, but at the heart and can chose anyone to be a mighty leader.


DSC_0024 (2)After camp meeting, the kids all went to their republics where their Republic leaders and counselors led them to different specialties including football, soccer, mountain biking, archery, dance, drama, visual arts, film production, photography, STOMP, making of the band, music production, song writing, vocal performance, horseback riding, tree climbing, and rock throwing.


After having loads of fun learning, playing, drinking LOTS of water, and smothering sun screen everywhere, they had devotions, lunch (taquitos!!), and story telling in the tents where they learned to build your house on the rock so when the rain comes and storms come, it won’t crash down. They went on out door adventures climbing to the top of trees and riding horses. Staff go-carted the children to and from their activities. At the end of the day, awards were given to children for doing a good job following the rules and helping others! We chanted our way out as all the kids departed, tired with a full day of making friends, learning about God, and having fun looking forward to the next day full of adventure. We had an awesome great first day of camp!


Until next time,

Hannah 🙂



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Camper + Staff Interviews


thumb_DSC_0027_1024Savannah | Age 8 

Sofia | Age 8 

How do you know each other?

Sophia: “We go to school together”

Is this your first year at barefoot?

Savannah: “We were here together last year too.”

What do you like about BRC?                                       

Savannah: “The new place, the tree climbing, hiking and hammock hunting”

Sophia: “Everything!”

What have you learned here?

Sophia: “About God. I know something I really did learn..about friendship and team work”

Savannah: “Chants”

What do you like about diversity?

savannah: “I think it just helps people connect”

Sophia: “You get more friends”

How did you both meet?

Savannah: “well first day of kindergarten. I remember it so well, I know what T-Shirt she was wearing”

Sophia: “Really?!”


Sophia: “which T-shirt was I wearing?”

Savannah: “It was the L O V E one”

Sophia: “Oh yeah!”

What do you both have in common?

Savannah: “We both like Pizza”

Sophia: “yeah”





Day 2


DSC_0033(1) copyIt’s a brand new day! And we were excited to seize the day! The buses started rolling in and the kids were ready for a new adventure chanting “Good Morning” before we greeted them with a tunnel. We registered and everyone got in line while the counselors taught them the “Banana” Chant. “Go Bananas, Go, Go Bananas!” while they jumped and danced around. We met for all camp meeting and started a game where the two kids were blindfolded while they tried to build blocks higher than the other. Ladies won! “Ladies in the house, Ladies in the house, Say WHAT?! Ladies in the house!” The worship band sang songs, “Where Do I Go?” with hand motions while they clapped and jumped. A few young girls wrapped their arms around each others shoulders as we sang “Lean on Me”.


After worship, Pastor Nick opened up with a game showing how much we all have in common. “If you like ice cream, face one way and if you like cake, face the other way”.  He spoke and recapped on how God makes the runt, who is small and weaker, to be strong and mighty just like Gideon in the Bible. It doesn’t matter what is on the outside, but its the inside that counts. God told Gideon 10,000 people was too big of an army and made it 300 people to show God’s power. Gideon took the army to the water and separated the ones who drank water like a dog from those who lapped it with there hands to their mouth. The ones who drank it from their hands were the ones who won the battle. God chose a little shepherd boy to be king and a little baby in a manger to save the world showing any one of us can be a strong and mighty leader with God on our side!


After the message a group went fishing and caught a small fish and a different group had a blast. Screams filled the air while going down the water slide. Others went on a hammock hike in the woods and learned about the scripture “Be still and know that I am God” from Psalm 46:10, while Miss Amy led the kids in a couple minutes of silence enjoying God’s creation. They went to lunch (sandwiches and chips) and had devotions. They learned about how Jesus raised a girl from the dead and healed a lady from who touched his garment showing that the same power that healed and raised a girl from the dead is in us if we have faith. After their Republic leader tells the story, the kids get to told the story back.


The art specialty made leather bracelets and bookmarks using their own creativity. Ga-Ga Ball is a favorite of Barefoot Republic. They all stand in a walled in area and hit the ball around trying not to let it hit their feet or legs.
After more outdoor adventures, they went to their specialties. Making of the Band formed a rockin’ team learning how to play their instruments and sing together “This little light of mine”. After a hot and beautiful day, they cooled down with popsicles.


At all camp meeting, it showed the kid’s unity and free spirits. Thomas taught everyone a chant of the fruits of the spirit. The joy, laughter, and love was contagious and we can’t wait to jump into another story tomorrow!


Shine on!






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Camper + Staff Interviews


DSC_0549(1)Eli| Age 8 | 1st year

How did you hear about Barefoot?

“From NewSong, my school”

What do you like about camp so far?


What else do you like?

“Tree climbing and GaGa Ball.”

What do you think about diversity?

“Its cool!”


DSC_0700(1)Carla | Age 11 

Giselle | Age 11 

Jackie | Age 11 

What do you like most about camp so far?

“The water slide…we like it we’ll come next year.”

What have you learned?


What do you think about God?

“He’s amazing.”


DSC_0552(1)Cameron | Counselor | 1st year

How do you like camp so far?

“I like it so far. Its fun sitting out here fishing all day. I like to fish and talk to the kids.”

What do you think about diversity?

I think its cool seeing them mixing and interacting with each other

What have you learned about camp?

“I have learned that it is hard to keep all the fishing poles the way they began. I hope we catch a fish”





Day 3



DSC_0455(1)Another beautiful day at the farm. The kids arrived with so much energy ready to explore and have fun. They chanted “JC be bout it*clap* What! And we’re gonna shout it.*clap* it’s about to get ROWDY!” All camp meeting started some worship songs with “We got the Joy, joy , joy , joyyy” with hand motions, singing,and dancing. Two campers participated in a game with one camper from the girl’s side and another from the girl’s side. whoever eats the 3 small donuts dangling above them while blindfolded first wins. Sorry fellas. The ladies won! “Ladies in the house, ladies in the house, say what!”The girls shouted for the girls and the boys for the boys. Pastor Nick came up to the front of the stage and spoke to the campers about fear. He told the rest of the story of Gideon and how God helped Israel win the battle with 300 soldiers though they were so small compared to their enemies. He told them how though we are weak, God makes us strong. He compared how he is afraid of mayonnaise and snakes. He told the campers to make their most scared face if they were also afraid of in example, spider, snakes, or heights. And he told them that God understands our fear and we can trust him to be with us to overcome our fear because He makes us strong when we are weak.DSC_0677(1)


They all lined up and ran off to their groups to their specialties. Music production in the cabin had theirown little creative group learning how to be a part of a song they are recording. They get a chance to record their voices and instruments. Mountain biking riding through puddles, fields, and the rocky farm roads. Others threw rocks at targets and painted them. Of course they had fun climbing the trees into hammocks relaxing and enjoying the shade. One republic group called the Believers chanted their group chant as Michael their leader said “What is the substance of faith?!” they yelled back, “things hoped for and not seen”.


DSC_0561(1)They had devotions and lunch while their leaders told them the Bible story of the prodigal son. They learned about how there was a son who left his father’s house with his inheritance and squandered it away.He came back to his father and his father welcomed him with opened arms showing that God loves you no matter what you’ve done or what you’ve been through and will welcome you back with open arms.


Next, they had more outdoor adventure down the water slide and playing soccer. They all get to experience different adventures each day and cool off with popsicles at the end. DSC_0599(1)


Stomp is where the campers learn how to play drums on large colorful garbage cans turned upside down placed in a circle. They are taught a beat and repeat after their leader as a tribe.You can hear  the drumming and new beats throughout the farm creating  an excited and united atmosphere.


At the end of the day, we had an all camp meeting where the kids let out their excitement for the day jumping, dancing, chanting, and singing “Oh Happy Day”. The campers are making new friends and we can feel God’s love & joy bringing all the campers together.


Seeya Tomorrow!




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Camper + Staff Interviews


DSC_0701(1)Miriam | Age 8 | 2nd year

Why did you come back to Barefoot?

“Because it was fun.”

What is you favorite thing to do at camp?

“Horseback riding”

What to you think about the people in your cabin?

“They’re nice, they’re sweet.”

What do you like about diversity?

“It’s cool because I get to learn about cool stuff. They tell cool stuff.”

How did you hear about Barefoot?

“Path Project where you can do home work.”

What are you looking forward to at camp?

“Having some fun…fishing.”

What have you learned about God at barefoot? 

“To be nice, to be nice to the whole world.”


angelAngel | Age 7 | 1st year

How did you hear about barefoot?

“Path project”

Whats your favorite thing at camp?


What are you looking forward to at camp?

“The water slide”



unnamed-2Milady | Age 8

How did you hear about barefoot?

“Impact project”

What have you learned about God at camp?

“That God can really help people”

Whats your favorite thing at camp?

“The water slide”

What do you think about diversity?

“That they’re new and that they are funny and that they are nice”





DSC_0605(1)Dillan | Age 12 | 2nd year

Why did you come back to Barefoot?

“Its fun”

Whats your favorite thing to do at camp?

“Everything, I don’t know, there’s just so much”

How do you like the people in your cabin?

“They’re funny they’re awesome”

What’s cool about diversity?

“I think its a cool thing bc ya know they usually don’t go together kinda like back in martin luther kings time. I think its so cool what he did bc if it wasn’t for martin luther king, half of this wouldn’t be here”

How do you want to further your relationship with God?

“I actually go to church a lot”

Whats your teams name?

“Wasado (it means whats up dude?)”

DSC_0723(1)Jeffery | Age 7.5 | 1st year

Eli | Age 8 | 2nd year

How long have you known each other”

J: ”Since Monday”

What do you like about each other?

E: ”He’s a good friend to have”

J:  “It’s fun to play with him”

Whats your favorite thing to do at camp?

E: “Play games..archery”

J: “Archery isn’t a game…my favorite thing is gaga ball

How did you hear about barefoot?”

E: “My mom told me about it”

J: “I heard it from our church”

What are you bot looking forward to?

J: “hopefully, I do gaga ball for like an activity sometime”

E: “I don’t know”

What have you learned about God?

J: “He can do great things”

E: ”He saves sins for us”

Whats your favorite chant?

J: “JC be bout it. What!

E: “Fella’s in the house”


DSC_0167(1)Michael | Counselor

Were you nervous when the first campers arrived? 

“No, I was feeling great. I expected everything to happen except when like 20 kids wanted to go everywhere…and I was like woah”

What has your experience been so far?

“Its been wonderful, I don’t know I mean I love it. That’s all I can say.”

How long have you been coming here?

“I was a camper in 2005”

What are you most looking forward to at camp?

“Story time”

What do you like about diversity at camp?

“Diversity really shows the kingdom of God so When you have all of that I mean you have different questions about things yo never hear about, It just shows God much more”

What do you think God is teaching all of us at camp?

“You can serve the Lord and still have fun. His Kingdom is so big that in God’s presence there is excitement, never ending excitement.”




Day 4


Everyone arrived at camp excited to see their counselors and republic leaders. After registration they all gathered near their flag representing their republic team. The kids played with hula hoops yelled chants, and headed into the barn to all camp meeting. They had worship singing and dancing. Past Nick taught the kids another part of Gideons story and how God was with him. He encouraged kids to never give up on their dreams that God has for them. God dreams something for you! Gideon believed and dreamed with God. Though 300 was a small army, God gave him the victory. He will do the same for us. 

On the safari hike, a safari man and his wife brought exotic animals for the kids to look at and pet. There was an owl, boa constrictor, a small tortoise, a bull frog, and a rabbit. He had a camper come up and say “fly” to the owl and it would flap it’s wings. He explained to the kids that there are so many different animals just like there are so many different people and God wants us to love one another. Sometimes we might think “of that person looks weird” or “ the person looks different”, but you can’t judge someone or you will never get to meet and know them. He had the kids come up and pet the animals and some held the snake.

The kids had lunch and devotions in the tents and outside under the trees while the leaders told them the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and how the other man on the cross said to Jesus that he deserved to be on the cross and Jesus did not. The kids retold the story, asked questions, and told their leaders what they learned from the story.

In visual arts, the campers built different things out of sticks, leaves, and the things out of nature. Others painted a horse, pony, and some horse shoes. 

The kids can’t wait for tomorrows show for all their parents and friends to see. God is changing us fro mthe inside out!

We’re looking forward to tomorrow!




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Camper + Staff Interviews


unnamed-2Brianna | Brentwood, TN | 12 years | 1st year 

How did you here about Barefoot?

“Well my church is Bethel and they were talking about it and there’s a lot of Bethel kids here too”

What do you think about the people in your cabin?

”They’re really fun, I think I have like the best group they’re all really nice and really friendly”

Whats your favorite thing to do at camp?

“I really like the tree climbing and horseback riding”

What do you like about diversity at camp?

“Well its a cool because not everyone is the same.  You can have a thing because you can just have like a lot of different things and then they can teach you that stuff too. Its just really cool”

What are you looking forward to at camp?

“I’m really excited for tomorrow. Its the nature walk and we get to see all these animals and the hammock hike”

How do you want to further your relationship with God at camp?

” I really want to get closer to Him and I want to tell people about Him and spread the word of God”



DSC_0195Christina | China/Franklin, Tn | 2nd year

Anastasia | Nashville, TN | 3rd year 

How did you both meet each other?

A: “School”

What do you have in common?

C: “We both like animals. We go to the same school. We are both 9. We are going into 4th grade”

What is your favorite thing at camp?

A: “Archery and stomp”

C: Horseback riding and photography

What do you like about each other?

A: “I like that she’s always funny”

C: “I like that she’s always creative”

What are you looking forward to at camp?

A:”We are about to go on the waterslide I’m a little bit excited, but I just don’t want to go because of the water”

C:”The show”

What have you learned about God here at camp? 

A:”That He will be with you through everything”

C:”He loves everybody”



unnamed-1Abby | Counselor | 6th year

Whats your favorite thing to do with the kids?

“I think it’s when teaching and then them really engaging in when we’re teaching them about Christ I love teaching them about Christ because and that’s our mission. I just love seeing their reactions to how we’re effecting their lives” 

Why do you think diversity is important at camp?

“Just equalizing people as one voice because some people can feel out of place and I think its really more important that people know that they are all one person.”

What is God doing in your life at camp?

“I think He’s really opening up my eyes to how important the next generation is.”

How has your experience been so far?

“Its been great, you know, kids are kids, but my group has been the best group I’ve ever had. I’ve been a counselor for 2 years now and they just love to listen Its just great. I just get so much out of working here and I love it”



Jeremyunnamed | Counselor | 1st year 

How did you hear about Barefoot?

“I heard about barefoot from by a friend He said they were looking for camp counselors and I needed a job.”

Whats your favorite thing to do at camp?

“Play soccer”

What were your thoughts the first day that the campers arrived?

“I was really really nervous yet really excited because they’re gonna impact our lives as much as we impact theres. I thought it was an awesome opportunity.”

What are you looking forward to at camp?

“Every day what I look most forward to is every day seeing the campers with a smile playing with them a bunch and then watching them leave with a smile.”

Why is diversity important at camp?

“Because that is how you end racial disputes. If you put kids at a young age around different ethnicities, it merges them together as one. There is no diversity, its just unity and that’s great”

How has your experience been so far?

“My experience has been amazing I have 8 more weeks and Im excited about it.”

Day 5

Today was the last day of camp and seemed a little bittersweet, but full of more adventure. The campers came off the bus high-fiving and running to get registered and see their friends. They chanted “ I need you and you need me, Heyy, welcome to diverse city!” Once they lined up in their republics, the fellas would compete against the ladies you was the loudest with screams and yelling.


They jumbled up the stairs into the barn to worship with the band and listen to Pastor Nick’s message. Before he started, they had a game where two leaders sat in chairs in front of the campers and smashed eggs onto their heads hoping that they were boiled and not raw. Oops, sorry Lauren, that was egg yoke on your head. The kids laughed and cheered! Pastor Nick Told the rest of the story about Gideon and how though he was small and seemed unimportant, God raised him up to be  mighty leader with an army of only 300 who defeated the Midionite army. They would not have been able to defeat the army without God on their side because He caused the Midionite army to run around and the army became so confused that they started fighting each other.


It just shows how God does great things.


They headed to their specialties. The visual arts painted rocks different colors, photography headed of into nature and different areas to take photos, archery arrowed their targets, soccer & football formed good teams, and the campers have been getting more skilled in their areas of interest. Some were nervous and excited today to perform for their family and friends at the show later on. They worked really hard on their songs, drama, and dance.

IMG_5651After all the campers practiced for the show, they all enjoyed a free snow cone from the RetroSno truck. The kids had their last Ga-Ga ball tournament together crowding and playing in the pit. Outback Steakhouse arrived cooking up a yummy dinner as the excitement grew and many people laid out their blankets and lawn chairs excited to see their kids perform. Awards were given to a camper in each republic group. The campers performed from IMG_5670each specialty and did an amazing job. Stomp lined up with their huge garbage cans upside down and made some awesome tribal noise with their drum sticks. We all had an amazing week at camp and everyone will be missed. The friends we all made, adventures and lessons we had were a great way to spend the summer.  We were grateful for all the parents, families & friends who were able to join us for an evening at the Farm.  We consider you all part of the Barefoot family!


God bless and hope to see all you wonderful campers next year!


We can’t wait for the new campers to arrive on Monday!