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Day 5


DSC_0630Fri5cccToday was a very exciting last day of camp! Some kids ran through the doors and others were kind of awake, but when we started the game in all camp meeting, the kids were yelling chants, dancing, and wide awake! The game was two kids had to guess if the small object dropped in the bucket would float or sink. Sorry fellas, ladies won finally! Pastor Kyle spoke to the kids and asked if anyone was seeking to be changed from the inside out. A few raised their hands and he prayed for them.



DSC_0428Fri5ccc They went through their routine of learning the stories at devotion time, went to specialties, had pizza for lunch, went to specialties, and free time. They practiced really hard for their performances and had the best time they could have for their last day running around spending time enjoying each other’s company. There were a lot of new best friends made over the week!



DSC_0083It was great to finally see all the kids perform and see all their friend’s and family’s faces light up! Stomp ended youth production with a bang! We will miss all of you and can’t wait to see you next year!



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Camper + Staff Interviews



DSC_0657Fri5cccSydney | Age 6 | Nashville, TN | 2nd year

Merrill | Age 6 | Chicago, IL | 1st year

How did you hear about Barefoot?
Merrill: “um its called barefoot republic and you stay overnight, but you have to be 8 years old to go there so I came here”

How did you both meet?
Sydney: “um I said do you want to be friends”
Merrill: “yeas and now we are”

What do you both have in common?
Merrill: “We both like monkeys”
Sydney: “and we both are flexible”

What do you like about each other?
Merrill: “She’s really fun and she made up something!”
Sydney: “She’s really kind to me and really pretty.. like beautiful I wanted to be her friend!”

What are you learning about God or what do you think about God?
Sydney :”I’m really glad He made people and we’re friends”
Merrill: “ Me too”

Why do you think diversity is cool?
Sydney: “because you get friends!”

What is your favorite thing to do at camp?
Sydney: “I like to slide down the water slide and the pony rides”
Merrill: “Yeah, me too!”

DSC_0664Fri5cccEthan | Age 9 | Franklin, TN | 1st year

Charlie | Age 9 | Franklin, TN | 3rd year

How did you hear about Barefoot?
Charlie: “um I think we were just looking around on the internet and I thought it sounded interesting when I read the post”
Ethan: “Pretty much the same thing”

How did you both meet?
Charlie: ”um so that’s one of my friends I met when I played baseball and he’s friends with Ethan so than I met Ethan.

What do you both have in common?
Both: “We like baseball”
Ethan: “We like to swim”
Charlie: “and we like archery”

What do you like about each other?
Charlie: “He’s fun. He’s funny too.”
Ethan: “ He’s funny and a good friend”

What are you both looking forward to?
Charlie: “I’m looking forward to archery”
Ethan: “Next year!”

Why do you think diversity is cool?
Charlie: “ So you can learn about their cultures and what they do like when they celebrate holidays”
Ethan: “ Yeah”

What is your favorite thing to do at camp?
Charlie: “I really like football and archery”
Ethan: “ Yeah, extreme sports and archery”





DSC_0669Fri5cccTristen (Tissy) | Age 16 | Springhill, TN | 3rd year

How did you hear about Barefoot?
“We were friends with Olivia. She used to go to our church and she said hey, come to Barefoot.”

What is your favorite thing to do with the kids?
“I really like to play games, give piggy back rides, and make up chants. Its really fun”

What are you looking forward to?
“I’m looking forward to meeting more kids and seeing how they transform throughout the whole week…just being able to tell more kids the stories and hear how they really are changed from the inside out!.”
Why do you think diversity is important?
“Diversity is something really cool especially for my family because my brothers are adopted so our family is diverse so it’s really cool to go to a place where everyone is diverse and its really cool to see how you can just be yourself!”

How has your relationship with God furthered here?
“Over the years that I’ve been here there’s definitely been a huge change in my relationship with God. I have grown a lot in my confidence with Him. I trust Him more, I realize how much he loves me. Its been amazing for my family and friends to see how much I have changed from when I used to go here.”




Day 4


DSC_0409  “D-I, WHAT! V-E-R-S-E, WHAT, C-I-T-Y” “Barefoot, we are one, one, we are one, one!” Another sun-shiney day at day camp! God is doing great things inside everyone! As the week has gone on, we’ve become more like a Barefoot family. The kids were introduced to this new game called “Counting Sheep” where a boy and a girl put their heads in a bucket of cotton balls with vaseline on smeared on their face to see who can get the most cotton balls in their other bucket. Sorry ladies, fellas won again! The worship songs and teaching were fun and a good way to start off the day. Pastor Kyle spoke on the story of how David cried out to God in the Bible for help while living in a cave for four years when he was being chased by King Saul. The story showed that in the struggle to be patient and when praying, pray to God with a purpose in your prayers. He spoke about how it is good to make goals and serve others because they also serve you.
DSC_0673 The kids played the relay race called “Iron Man”. There were games and challenges that had to be passed to get to the next game. They shot basketball hoops then dug a small ziplock bag out of the sand for more information about what to do next. The kids ran to the next one stacking cups into pyramids, high-fived with shaving cream, slid down the water slide, formed a line holding hands while getting the hula hoop through the line without any hands, and ran inside to spell “Inside Out” with blocks. It was a fun filled race that went from being outside around the church to ending inside.

Out door adventure had a bon fire with s’mores and during free time, the children played extreme sports, road on ponies, slid down the water slide, and some watched a movie.
It was a great day! They all have been working so hard on their projects and we can’t wait to see the youth production performances
God Bless!



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Camper + Staff Interviews


DSC_0596Kylie | Age 8 | Chicago, IL | 1st Year

How did you hear about Barefoot?

“Well I’m from the Boys & Girls Club and they said that we were going here”


What’s your favorite thing to do at camp?



What are you looking forward to?
“Finishing the song I wrote”


What have you learned about or think about God?
“He’s a good person”


Why do you think diversity is cool?
“Because then people get to meet other people”



DSC_0602Estefania | Age 12 | NYC | 1st year

What’s your favorite thing to do at camp?



What are you looking forward to?
“Archery and Iron Man”


What have you learned about or think about God?
“I think that God is a really giving person and He loves us more than anything”


Why do you think diversity is cool?

“Because everyone’s different and nobody can be the same”
DSC_0608Micah | Age 14 | Nashville, TN | 1st Year

What is your favorite thing to o with the kids?
My favorite thing to do is probably free time and they get super excited about what they’re gonna do in free time”


What are you looking forward to?
“I’m just looking forward to like..they’re acting better and better every day and learning more stuff talking about the inside out concept and everything”


How is your relationship with God furthering here at camp?
“It’s just a really good environment. all the people are really supportive. Growth and He’s really helping me get closer to Him and its just been really fun”


Why do you think diversity is important?
“They all have the same chance..they have the same amount of rights. The inside out concept is that everybody here is the same, but they look different… they are the same inside.”


How was your first day as a CIT at camp?
“It was really fun..kinda exhausting, but it was really fun and I got to know a lot of people. It was different than I expected. I didn’t expect everyone to be so nice and respectful. There aren’t a lot of places like that.”



Day 2



DSC_0722“G-O-O-D-M-O-R-N-I-N-G Good morning, hey hey, good morning” the counselors chanted as the kids walked into their 2nd day of camp. Yesterday was a rainy day, but today was bright and sunny! The kids walked in and registered getting a name tag before they entered the sanctuary where all camp meeting would be held. The Republic leaders had their flags of different colors as the  kids ran to their republic. Emily, our great MC, started off the meeting with an energetic chant called “Go Bananas” where the kids and all the leaders had fun jumping up and down twirling as doing hand motions. That definitely woke everyone up. We started worship then Pastor Kyle came up and told kids the Bible story about David and King Saul. The story was about how King Saul looked like a great king because of his appearance, but didn’t have a good attitude. David did not look like a king because he was a shepherd boy and all his brothers looked like they would have been chosen, but God chose him based on his heart. He told everyone to look at their neighbor and said that what you see is their outward appearance. He told them how God doesn’t look at the outward appearance, but He looks at the heart.


           They headed off to devotions with their leaders where they were told a story in the Bible, learned the story, and were able to tell the story by the end of the devotion. They went to lunch, had some good fellowship, and headed off to their team building then specialties.IMG_8032 They played  games outside and had a blast running around. A tent was nearby with plenty of water for them to stay hydrated! It was great getting to see the children learning songs and playing guitar in making of the band, hearing music production record all their voices, seeing soccer and football form competitive teams, dance show their moves, all the creativity in visual arts, and the list goes on!


During free time, the kids slid down the water slide refreshed under the hot sun. Others had pony rides. We are having blast at day camp with the kids. We can’t wait until tomorrow!

God bless!



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Camper + Staff Interviews




Abby | Age 7 | 2nd Year | Franklin, TN

How did you hear about Barefoot?

“Cuz some of my friends have been to BF and I wanted to go!”


What’s your favorite thing to do at camp?

“Hang out with my friends.”


What are you looking forward to?

“To the waterslide today because we were supposed to do it yesterday, but it rained”


How has your experience been so far?

“It’s really fun here to be at this camp”


Why do you think diversity is cool?

“cuz they can get here and be safe and make new friends”




IMG_7973Tyson| Age 10 | Ethiopia | 2nd year 

How did you hear about Barefoot?

“Well my sisters went to overnight camp so..”



What’s your favorite thing to do at camp?

“I like to play football. It’s fun”



What are you looking forward to?

” A lot of free time because that’s always fun!”


What did you learn about God or think about God?

” I’ve learned that he’s powerful and that He can help anybody any time He wants to”


Do you like your Republic Group?

“Yes! And I have great counselors”


Why do you think diversity is a cool thing?

“Because we can all share….we’re different, but when we’re together, we’re pretty much all the same because we’re all God’s children.”




IMG_8060Mckenna | Age 7 | Franklin, TN | 1st year

How did you hear about Barefoot?

Because at the Boys & Girls club they have papers that you can sign and if you sign it then you get to come here.”


What’s your favorite thing to do at camp?

“Getting on the slide”


What are you looking forward to?

“I think having fun”


Why do you think diversity is cool?

“Cuz its fun at camp. you get to have a lot of fun. you get to be with the staff”


What have you learned about God or think about God?

“God teaches to people and this lady touched Him and got healed”


How do you like your Republic?

“Its fun..I’m the sassy one”


Day 3

IMG_8097         Walked through the doors and the counselors welcomed with exciting chants. I thought I was awake, but then I saw them jumping up and down chanting and I knew I was about to get on their level. It has been a great day with all the kids! The kids grabbed their name tags as they walked through the door under the counselor’s arm tunnel high-fiving. All camp meeting started with a game where a girl and a boy were called out by their republics to be blindfolded with three small donuts that dangled over their heads. Whoever ate it first won and sorry ladies, the fellas won! We worshipped with “Oh Happy Day” and “ Free to Run”. Worship is always fun and freeing!

Pastor Kyle Spoke about how King David had good friends that loved God just like Him. He didn’t choose His friends by looking on the outward appearance, but by looking at the heart. He talked about how it is good to be a good friend and not let jealousy or other things get in the way.
DSC_0258           Following the specialties around I saw how a lot of the kids are working towards their performances. Stomp, drama, dance, and music definitely have something good in store for all their friends and family to see on Friday. Skate boarding, biking, soccer, basketball, and archery are all getting better. The kids also love to play “gah gah ball” where the ball is thrown at feet or legs to get someone out.
Team building has been loads of fun where each Republic plays a game and the particularly popular one is bopping each other with the styrofoam pool tubes to freeze or unfreeze someone. All of this creates such a great atmosphere and there is always an activity to be involved in.DSC_0150
It was picture day and we took pictures of all the republics and single head shots of the kids. After pictures, there was free time with extreme sports and the water slide. The water slide never disappoints and the boys slid down it without hesitation. They all came down with a big splash and it was definitely refreshing!
The joy and laughter show how God changes us from the inside out!
Seeya tomorrow!

Camper + Staff Interviews


DSC_8257Mahalia (MJ) | Age 17 | Charlotte, TN | 2nd year

How did you hear about Barefoot?
“Through my church and then through friends.”


What is your favorite thing to do with the kids here?
“I really just like talking to them because they have so much to say about everything…just the conversation.”


What are you looking forward to?
“ I’m definitely looking forward to Iron Man with my boys and also just seeing how much they grow throughout the week because I feel like they have already grown so much within two days. It will be interesting to see where they are at the end of it.”


Do you feel like your relationship with God is getting closer to God at camp?
“Definitely just through serving. Its one thing I’ve been a camper at barefoot and seen girls your age and stuff, but then when you see kids also from different backgrounds, its super cool, and then seeing them work together…Its very eye opening.”


Why do you think diversity is important?
“Well I think God didn’t make us all the same for a reason and He put us all on this earth so I think that learning to work together in a small environment can be easier. When your at Barefoot and your just with your group even though 200 kids is a lot ya know just being hear and learning those steps here. It’s easier for them to take it out to the world.”



DSC_8237Max | Age 10 | Mongolia, China | 3rd year
How did you hear about Barefoot?
“ My mom told me”


What’s you favorite thing to do here?


What do you think or have learned about God?
“He’s the most important thing in your life”


Why do you think diversity is cool?
“So we can learn like different cultures”


How is your experience so far?
“It’s fun!”
DSC_8249Logan | Kenosha, Wisconsin | Age 11 | 1st year

How did you hear about Barefoot?
“My step-mom came up to me and she said do you want to go to camp and I said sure”


What’s your favorite thing to do at camp?


What have you learned about God or what do you think about life?
“I learned that He had a hard life back then and that He starved and stuff”


Why do you think diversity is cool?
“ I’m thinking that you can meet new people and stuff”



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